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Celebrate the Valentine Week in Full Zest

"We are most alive when we're in love" For all the lovebirds who've started their hunt for the ideal gifts for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Well, for those who don't...

"We are most alive when we're in love"

For all the lovebirds who've started their hunt for the ideal gifts for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Well, for those who don't have a partner, you must express your feelings for the person you love in the best way possible. Valentine Week is the best time of the year when you can actually say it out loud what you feel deep down your heart for the person and she won't slap you back (don't be so sure about it). The final showdown of the entire week is on the 7th day called as Valentine's Day but the celebrations go on with full zest and passion the entire week. In case you've forgotten which day comes after which, this blog comes in handy for you.

Rose Day

Starting the week on a fragrant note that fills your relationship with freshness, fragrance, and charm, the Rose Day falls on the 7th of February. The name here can be the rose day but which colored rose is what you have to decide. Whether it is the beginning of your friendship (yellow), or you like her a lot (pink) or your love blooms like it should (red). So choose well before feelings are misunderstood by the other.

Propose Day

Propose Day when you actually come up with an idea of alluring the one you love that she doesn't say no to you. Whether you get down on your knees and bring her the most beautiful ring or take the whole thing to a fancy level and propose her in the most romantic way possible; what matters is that you are sure that she won't say no to you. In this case, you must understand what she feels about you before you end up being friend-zoned.

Chocolate Day

Once you're through the propose day, life gets easier because you know that the girl is yours now and you can shower all your love on her, the way you want to. Chocolate Day is when you fill the sweetness of chocolates in your relationship. Perfect for the ones already in love, it is the moment for the men who've got a'yes' on the propose day. Bring in a box of her favorite chocolates on this day and share it with her to make sweet memories. You can find some intimate time planning tips for chocolate day here.

Teddy Day

Women and teddy toys have some kinda connection that starts from childhood and probably never ends. I guess that's the reason why this day was incorporated in the Valentine week. All you can do is look up for a teddy online depending on your budget as well as how much are left with to spend on the following days and on the grand finale. Online options would come in handy if you buy it in advance.

Promise Day

Promise Day is not one of those promises where they are made to be broken. In fact, the promise you make on this day is meant to be stayed by your entire life. Being immature, you'd promise your partner that you'll bring her all the happiness in the world and fulfill all her wishes. However, if you're mature enough, you'd promise her something more realistic like your support to the end of days or your love would never fade away. Promise her something that you know that won't wear off with time.

Hug Day

Hug Day always sounds exciting because that's where you get to feel the warmth of the love you both share. Hug her in the most passionate way (don't suffocate her to death) that she knows how intense your feelings are for her with your hug. Make the day special with naughty gift ideas.

Kiss Day

One of the most romantic days of the week is the Kiss Day. Well, if you are in love with each other, you can make this day a lot more happening than it sounds. Kiss her for the number of times that she makes you smile. Kiss her for the respect you have for her. Kiss her for she adds colors to your life and makes it worth enjoying and for the innumerable reasons that make you fall in love with her all over again.

Valentine Day

The grand finale as I mentioned above, Valentine Day is the day when you celebrate your relationship in best possible way with movies, shopping, food, and a lot more. Spend the day doing that you both love doing the most. End it the way you want to! Whether you want it to finish with a goodnight kiss or you want it to go longer till the sun comes up and you two between the sheets. Dress well, wear an appropriate male underwear and let the relationship bloom. Look here for dressing tips. What's your idea of Valentine Week? Do let us know in the comments below. Liked This? You'll Like These Too:
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