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Underwear for Men or Lingerie for Men

Mens underwear styles aren't just about the style of the pieces of clothing worn by men; the apparel is esteemed by your female assistant. Your female partner is the individual who stays with you usually and through a long time back run of your life, subsequently, getting recognized with respect to looks by her is the best tendency. Mens underwear accepts a huge activity in it. Exactly when it comes to parading your preferences in everyone to pull in the attention in public not simply your constitution is required by the underwear for men which overhaul your appearance is in like manner a keen choice. 

Wearing mens hot underwear would probably do wonders whether you endeavor to pull in your favored woman. Wearing a shocking pair of mens underwear style, it would have a shocking impression and will help with setting up the perspective. From now on, mens underwear isn't just about your choice yet also the choice of your comfort, looks, and style.

Mens underwear brands offered at Mensuas

You must be knowing a lot of websites that offer mens lingerie but do you get the surety of perfection in them? To help you put your trust in the mens underwear Mensuas provides you with the exotic pairs of mens lingerie from the most trustable brands. There will be no space for regret once you’ll experience the comfort of the pairs of mens sexy underwear by these brands. Intymen, Otzi, Good Devil, Honcho, Miami Jock, Feel, Secret Male, Cover Male, and many more. You get the pairs like mens g-strings, mens bikinis, mens briefs, mens jockstraps, mens thongs, and every other mens underwear style you want to buy. As Mensuas takes every measure to provide you the comfort here are some best mens underwear brands listed below.

Good Devil Hot Underwear for Men

Good devil underwear for men is one name that you can accept with respect to giving you exceptional astonishments. You may find satisfaction in them (a couple out of each odd thing) and comfort with the complimentary provocativeness too. The Good Devil mens hot underwear is one of the appealing apparel that reinforces your front and back to the best. The masculine structure with a pocket that overhauls your masculinity while keeping everything in one spot is the thing that makes men go crazy for their mens underwear style. 

Agacio Comfortable Underwear for Men

Agacio underwear for men has been in the business for many years now and has been dependably making men feel like God. The variety of men's underwear available is what you need to take a gander at if you genuinely need to feel the best of yourself in the most fundamental way. The assistance on the pocket gives you visibility with the pocket improving technique. In case you choose the right size of mens underwear, you will get the exotic configuration, style, and all within a reasonable cost. 

Miami Jock Men's Erotic Underwear

Miami Jock underwear for men doesn't execute your wants when it comes to offering options in contrast to you like mens lace underwear or mens sheer underwear. The grouping is all out what you'd need whenever it's an ideal chance to be excited and hot. The Miami Jock mens underwear from the new collections make you a stylish individual once you slip into your mens underwear. With an eccentrically sexual structure, it is the surface association that draws out the best in you. 

2xist Men's Underwear

2xist has reliably been the generally adored mens underwear brand for a couple or various reasons. You may experience them for they are amazingly pleasing to start your journey with the individual mens underwear style or the plans might be the part that gets your head over heels for them. Actually – you are captivated by what 2xist serves you for your mens underwear style. The combination of fabric offers all the comfort which you’ll know after experiencing it yourself. Hence, there is no harm in getting a few fascinating pairs of mens underwear from the brand 2xist at Mensuas.

Modus Vivendi Underwear for Men

If you are in search of a comfortable pair of mens underwear that provides you exposure along with the coverage then this mens sexy underwear brand is the answer for you. There are many men who plan to shift to mens sexy underwear but are afraid of a lot of exposure given by mens sheer underwear. Hence, Modus Vivendi is a mens underwear brand that takes care of the concern of various men and offers some coverage according to their comfort. You just have to choose the correct pair and you will be ready to flaunt your curves with mens sexy underwear.

Male Power Men's Underwear

Male Power’s frequently bright plans are produced using a stretch-pullover texture for a smooth completion and breathability. This mens underwear brand conveys fun and energetic edge all through their line that makes certain to get your state of mind on a stormy day – regardless of whether you're the one in particular who realizes you're wearing them. Male power additionally has a skill for trying different things with various surfaces and materials in men's underwear, as sewn-on patches.

Intymen Men's Sexy Underwear

Intymen’s range is characterized by very much smooth out mens underwear in your fundamental dark, white and dim colors. The extravagance mens underwear brand offers a little line of mens briefs and boxer trunks produced using excellent cotton. The mark logo belt keeps your mens hot underwear from getting torn while the fitted plan and short leg advances the opportunity of development. You can easily put your trust at Intymen once you want to wander freely without worrying about your assets.

Honcho Underwear for Men

Longer than 5 years of experience joined with a sharp eye for specialized development has made Honcho one of the world's market heads in the mens underwear class. It produces extravagance items of men's underwear that blends premium normal textures with their licensed weaving procedure and energy for detail. The brand's way of thinking values your comfort and looks. Hence, if you want to shove off all the worries then this underwear for men brand is for you.

Best men's underwear for your knowledge and easy choosing

Whether you're a guy who prefers to go for conventional styles or someone who is ready to experiment, daring or shy, sophisticated, or outrageous, there are styles to match your taste and likes at Mensuas.

Brief Underwear for Men

The conventional style of men's brief with the modern finishing is a must-have for every man who's looking for style, support, and comfort. The form-fitting style hugs the package and keeps it bundled together. Covering the assets of the wearer, the high cuts of the underneath apparel provides you a bang-on-trend style.

Low cut briefs

These types of briefs rest a little lower than your normal waistline and do the needful to cover the right places. They are apt for low waist jeans.

Mid-cut briefs

These types of briefs just sit in the right place i.e. your waistline.

Men's Boxer Brief Underwear

A true combination of boxers and briefs is the men's boxer brief underwear. Boxers lend comfort whereas, the support and thrust are adopted from the briefs, and boxer briefs were introduced. Depending on the numerous brands, this style varies in terms of length. While some might cover 3/4th of your thighs and some may stick to half coverage. Some boxer briefs may have the fly option and some may not. A true boxer brief will provide comfort and stability at the same time.

Men's Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are another style branched out of briefs and boxer briefs. They are designed for the 'free you'. For men who seek comfort, breathability, and room for manhood, boxer shorts are for them. Apt for baggy pants or pajamas, they are styled for athletic guys. Further divided, boxer shorts can be classified in terms of being body-hugging and loose. A brand like Agacio offers boxer shorts which are body hugging and are crafted with unique Sack-Lifting technology for the extra grip and enhancement. Whereas, Cover Male and Daniel Alexander offer a wide range of loose boxer shorts.

Men's Jockstraps

Men's Jockstraps are specifically engineered intimate apparel for athletes. There is a variety of them available at the online store. This style is known for the support it provides to your privates. A jockstrap is an underwear worn under shorts or trousers for an athletic purpose. The classic design of a jockstrap has a contoured pouch to protect and support the genitalia. Two elastic waistbands go around the thighs to keep everything in place. Some brands also manufacture fashion jockstraps for the comfortable you.

Men's Bikini Underwear

Men's bikinis are the next level of men's briefs. This men's panties style is mostly without a visible waistband and is more appealing to the eye than the ordinary pair of briefs but provides the same level of comfort. The bikinis are more revealing than briefs, but the coverage varies according to the brand as well as the type of cuts. Some give maximum coverage to the rear and minimum to the pouch and vice versa. They even are available as swimwear and are great to show off those well-made abs on the beach.

Men's Thong Underwear

Thongs are ideal for men who like it less. Thong underwear ranges from full-frontal coverage to no coverage at all; the fabric covers minimum on the seat. Thongs with the most minimal coverage have strings. While some love to flaunt it open whereas, the rest would hide the partition. Thongs are lightweight, comfortable, and barely there, with a host of options that leave little to the imagination.

Men's G-String Underwear

G-strings are the skimpier version of men's thongs. The difference between the two is the rear coverage. For men who love to flaunt their assets providing the protection to the package it requires. A pair of the g-string thong is a tiny piece of fabric that keeps everything together on the front. It has a string waistband that goes all the way between your bum cheeks to the front where the fabric covers the package. They are the apt way to flaunt your well-toned body. Some of the men's lingerie styles have inbuilt C-ring for extra enhancement and better confidence.

Men's C-String Underwear

C- Strings is meant for the man who can dare. It is seductive and skimpy at the same time. C-Strings are without a waistband. In terms of structure, it looks more like a headband. One end has a narrow piece of fabric that covers the manhood and the string goes all the way through the buttocks to stay still in the rear. This men's lingerie style is self-supportive and unique. They are paired up with tights, tight trousers, and jeans so that the underwear lines are not visible. The range of C-string on offered by Good Devil is vast, naughty, and head-turning.

What are the popular fabrics that Mensuas has?

The style and comfort of any garment come down to the type of fabric it uses. Underwear being the most basic of any costume requires the best of fabric to give a comfortable feeling. Fabrics like Cotton, Nylon, Satin, and Spandex are very common, but fabrics like leather, acrylic, etc are also used for different reasons.


You know that cotton is the best because you'd got a plethora of them in your drawer. It is and has always been the one choice for men. With further treatment, Supima, Pima, and other variants are born that are further used. The con here is that they don't dry quickly and shrink with time. Cotton is further divided into:

  • Pima Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Ring-Spun Cotton
  • Supima Cotton


The next in the queue when you talk about popularity would definitely be nylon. There is a gamut of sexy underwear for men that has been crafted with this particular fabric. Once adopted, you know that the durability and the lightweight features bring forth the best in you. Nylon fabrics retain their shape and appearance after washing and hence, do not shrink. It can be found in various styles such as men's briefs underwear, men's boxer briefs, men's jockstraps, and more.


With the help of technology and sciences, it was quite able to provide newer fabrics. One of them was polyester. With the needs of comfort, moisture wick, durability, slight stretch, and others, the fabric was born. The properties of the fabrics are durability, quick-drying feature, ability to hold color exceptionally well, shrink resistance, and do not wrinkle.


Soft by touch and a clear substitute to the expensive silk, modal was born. Being the alternative, you'd find similar qualities at comparatively lesser prices. It does not shrink like cotton but spills whatever liquids come in contact with the fabric.


You'd find silk used in exotic underwear for men as it is the luxurious natural fabric that feels absolutely stunning down there. While it keeps you warm in the winters, silk makes sure that you stay cool during the summer months.


Something similar to silk, sating is a part soft part rough fabric that has one side which falls smooth on the sin, while the other is slightly coarse. The best fabric in your budget for dates and sexy underwear for men.


A combination of Modal and Microfibers, the fabric has a lot to offer in terms of advantages in men's underwear. In comparison to cotton, you'd be happier with this because it doesn't fade away or shrink.


The integral part of every single pair of men's lingerie, spandex is what provides you the movement in the fabric-loaded pairs. The elasticity offered by the fabric is what lets you move around.


Leather is found in jackets, skirts, and other clothing pieces; the fabric has made a distinctive place in the men's lingerie world. It is supple and very appealing to the eye.

Hence, whether you're looking for something traditional with modern prints and patterns or a pair that reveal your personality, you'll find everything under one roof at Mensuas. Shop the exclusive assortment of men's briefs, men's boxer briefs, jockstraps, men's thongs, boxer shorts, g-strings and so much more at Mensuas.

For any assistance, you can contact the customer support at Mensuas and we will be happy to help you. Start shopping today!!