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Men's Briefs

If you think men's briefs are tighty whiteys, you need to take a look at the catalog offered at Mensuas again. Mens briefs are the traditional style of men's underwear that has been passed on from the ancestors and then they pass on the fashion underwear style forward. Thought to be the most practical designer underwear for men, mens brief underwear is an individual style that is worn across the globe. At Mensuas, the numerous brands offer briefs for men that are appealing, provocative and functional. They are available in multiple designs, patterns, cuts, and rise. From sporty to sexy, you'll find the right one just for yourself.

The conventional design covered provided extensive coverage on the front as well as rear with different cuts on the sides depending on the brands. The ones that extended till the navel are called "full cut" or "full rise" whereas, the low rise briefs sit low on the waistline showing off the toned abs. This style is designed for an enhancing crotch on the pouch. Mid rise briefs sit on the natural waistline for better comfort and are apt for regular pants and trousers.

Some of the classic features of briefs underwear are: elastic waistband (it keeps everything together in one place) and fly (for easy access). The fly is now optional. Designers provoke men to go up and above.

At Mensuas, you'll find the new and trendy styles and rises from more than 50 brands like Agacio, Clever, Good Devil, Cover Male, Intymen, Gregg Homme, Pikante, PPU, Joe Snyder and many more. The assortment of colors available at the store goes from the earthy and sophisticated black and white to eye-popping shades of turquoise, lime, fuchsia and more. Choose from the variety of styles from mesh, sheer to shiny, metallic finish pieces.

Whether you're the guy next door or outrageous, you're sure to find a pair of briefs that match your personality and taste. Look up for your favorite for everyday or for the sexy date nights. Dive into the assortment of men's brief underwear at Mensuas and brighten up your underwear drawer.

History of mens brief underwear

The briefs came into the market in the 1930s. The company that introduced briefs was Jockey, with the name of Jockey Y-vent briefs. Gradually designers took the classic shape of the underwear and improvised accordingly to match the changing trends.

Which variants of mens brief underwear would you be able to find at Mensuas?

You thought mens briefs are the only style that is available for men in today's time? You need to think again and take a look at Mensuas where a gamut of brands come together with their assortment of briefs for men. Find below the different variants:

Pouch enhancing briefs for men

You must have continuously heard regarding the cozy match or what we call as snug fit once it involves briefs for men. However, because it was mentioned on top of, you'll notice the pouch enhancing underwear within the tighty whiteys. The pouch of an equivalent underwear style features a pouch that intends to give your manhood the lift that it needs so as to relinquish you the required visibility below the belt.

Low rise briefs for men

The low rise briefs for men by the varied brands accessible at Mensuas will provide you with that mod feels that you deserve. Creating the waistbands that sit low on the waistline, you would be assured that the waistband doesn't pop out of the pants for any kind of show. Don't you like to wear your favorite typical style with your new super low waist? You'll use it with the various variant so as low rise briefs to allow you to move, jump, bend and do no matter you would like to without fear regarding it.

Sheer briefs for men

Aren't you thinking that sheer underwear for men is sexy? Consider the mixture of sheer and briefs may be a delectable outcome that brings forth the sexier quotient of you by revealing minimal skin or maximum (depending on what you need). The superior transient provides a bit elevated to the male anatomy, thus, enhances the visibility of the complete package.

Which brands offer briefs?

At Mensuas, you'll dozens of well-known underwear brands. Just to name some Mensuas, Obviously, Otzi, Aware SoHo, CandyMan, Clever, DMK, Go Softwear, Gregg Homme, Jor, ManView, Marcuse, Modus Vivendi, PetitQ, Pikante, PPU, Timoteo, Tulio, Vuthy, WildmanT, Zylas, Michael, Kyle, and many others mainstream manufacturers are available in the inventory. With so many high-end designers, quality is guaranteed.

Agacio briefs for men

Known for the luxurious fabric compositions, Agacio is a popular name when it comes to briefs. Starting from the basic solids, the label has incorporated some really handsome designs and patterns.

Otzi briefs for men

The brand has made a mark in the category with its high cuts and modern prints and patterns. Sexy underwear is great for showing off the enhanced bulge in the pants.

Obviously briefs for men

Known for its anatomical pouches, Obviously briefs are all about comfort, open sides, and sex appeal.

Edipous briefs for men

Anatomical pouches, comfortable appeal and luxurious fabric with conventional cuts are what Edipous briefs are all about. You'll surely love the way makes you feel down there.

Mensuas briefs for men

The brand has a unique assortment of men's flag underwear in the briefs that feature various country flag prints that let you sport your patriotism.

Intymen briefs for men

Sporty, sexy and functional are the characteristic traits of an assortment of briefs by Intymen. The brand makes sure that the conventional traits are intact with a twist of enhancing features added to it.

Daniel Alexander briefs for Men

You can venture into the colorful aspect of underneath fashion with the assortment of Daniel Alexander brief underwear. The incredible support along with incomparable patterns and colors of the brand.

Good Devil briefs for men

The chic and revealing styles of Good Devil brief is anything, but ordinary. The sexy cut can take your sex appeal to the next level. Specially designed for the bold and daring men, these skivvies allows you to flaunt your assets.

Miami Jock briefs for men

The Miami-based designer Miami Jock has been in the news for being the revealing name. The label and its collection of men's briefs are everything that you want to make your dreams come true when it comes to being playful and fancy.

Pistol Pete briefs for men

The dazzling colors and sheer materials of men's brief underwear by Pistol Pete, you are surely in for the charm as well as masculinity.

Honcho briefs for men

Despite being the most recent complete at the location, it's gained large quality amongst the male population. Honcho men's brief underwear keeps the support intact. At a similar time, adds to the physical attraction with mesh material and attractive high-rise cuts.

You would be able to find a gamut of fabrics in briefs for men by the different brands. From conventional cotton, you would be able to find nylon, polyester, polyamide, silk, satin and sheer underwear fabrics. You would also be able to grab lace underwear.