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Men's Shapewear

Get the best men's shapewear – at the best prices – and enhance virtually any part of your body, from your package to your overall physique. Mensuas proudly carries the highest quality shapewear on the market, from leading brands, such as WildmanTGo Soft-wearAnn Chery and others. Our wide range of styles enables any guy to achieve the look he wants – whether it's a bigger bulge, a tighter midsection, or a rounder butt. Our shapewear is easy to hide under virtually any outfit. You slip it on just like underwear – it's comfortable and made from the same high-quality fabrics – but there's one big difference: these garments work to shape your body and maximize your assets. No one has to know your secret either: the shapewear is discreet, but the results aren't: you'll experience enhancement instantly, in whatever part of your body you're targeting.

What kind of men's shapewear is right for you? It all depends on your body type and desired level of enhancement. If you're looking for a fuller package, our shapewear underwear for men is designed to lift, support and round your bulge, so it makes a larger impact underpants and jeans – perfect for when you want to make a big first impression. Many guys also like to add a boost to their rear, so their butts look fuller and rounder – a great solution for men who feel they lack oomph in the trunk. Our various butt-boosting, butt-lifting, and rear-padded shapewear provides an immediate solution. Need to hide some excess fat around your belly? Check out our compression tops, singlets and other garments that smooth your figure into a trimmer, sexier silhouette. Finally, for some extra fun in the bedroom, don't miss our collection of ball lifters from brands like WildmanT. These skimpy pieces are specially designed to lift your balls and push your package forward, offering the same benefits of a cock ring, but way more comfortable!

Need some help shopping for men's shapewear? Just give us a call at 1-305-999-5143. Our customer service representatives are happy to go over your options and help you find the right garment for your needs. If you want to write to us via E-mail, you can do so at