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Men's Athletic Sportswear

If you are someone who works and plays harder, men's sports underwear is just what you should be looking for. The respective men's apparel style is meant to help your body feel supported and protected while you are busy aiming at the goal. Mensuas has a collection of sporty men's apparel styles that will match all your needs and wants.

A true pair of sportswear would provide the best of support, protection as well as flexibility to the body without any hindrance in the performance. It won't just fit in the right places but would move around with you to provide the skin-like feeling down there. With a functional and appealing assortment of men's underwear styles such supportive briefs, athletic jockstraps, defining boxer briefs and sporty male thongs as well as shorts, hoodies, sports bottoms, tank tops and many more; Mensuas has got you covered with the most carefree pieces that will keep the aim as the focus and not the package.

With fabrics like polyester, polyamide, cotton, nylon and the right amount of spandex would provide the best of fit, function, and flexibility down there in order to perform well. The use of mesh in many pieces allows the skin to breathe well and keeps everything dry and sweat-free.

Modeled for the variety of sports ranging from basic cycling to football, rugby, soccer, baseball and more; the collection provides essential support, breath-ability, and protection against rubbing and chafing.

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Maximize your workouts with designer men's athletic shorts from Mensuas. Our large assortment of athletic shorts are designed to boost comfort and enhance performance for virtually any athletic activity. You'll find the latest trends and styles in athletic apparel from all the best brands, including Cover Male, Joe Snyder, Uzzi, and others, with additional brands being added all the time. Shop a wide range of options, including running shorts, gym shorts, workout shorts and all the most popular styles of athletic shorts. Up your game with lightweight fabrics that allow more range of movement and feel great against the skin. Today's best athletic shorts are also designed for superior moisture wicking and ultra-fast drying – perfect for your most intense workouts or for when you know things are going to get a little wet. Just slip them on and go. The men's athletic shorts at Mensuas are simply the best for active guys who demand quality and style in their workout apparel – or even for guys who aren't active but simply want some comfortable, sexy shorts for those hot summer days.

Which style of athletic shorts are right for you? You can't go wrong with any of the garments at Mensuas, so it's just a matter of choosing the look you want, along with features that could benefit your workout routine. Our growing inventory of shorts is popular with joggers, weightlifters, soccer players, beach volleyball players and other sports enthusiasts – heck, even guys who aren't sporty at all! You don't have to be a jock to rock these athletic shorts! Many of our most popular styles are great for everyday wear during the warm-weather months. Whether you're just lounging around the house, running some errands or catching some rays on the beach, these athletic shorts are fashionable and great-fitting. Many styles even have special enhancing features, like contour pouches, which make your package look fuller while also providing additional comfort and support for your goods. Some of our athletic shorts are cut extra low and have high cut slits to expose more skin. Some are ultra-skimpy and even made from see-through mesh or other sheer fabrics – great for private workouts with a partner or some good, old-fashioned roughhousing. Whatever your workout or need, we've got you covered at Mensuas.