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Best Thong Underwear for Men

What is mens thong underwear?

Discussing the male thong, it's been viewed as an important variation after being considered as an object of derision in the public arena. It's nowadays that mens thongs are acknowledged with great affection by the male populace anyway behind it, lays a decent battle for the mens underwear business to frame changes in its structure that it has now gotten wanting to any or all. It's that battle that presently thongs for men have gotten an ideal option for fluctuated individuals. Its high cuts and ideal match causes the male populace to go insane with respect to the underwear variation. Men's thongs supplement each man's closet. It's at present that you basically observe some pairs of thongs for men with every male. It would appear that a gift of men's lingerie business that their battle has worked for you to have sufficient choices for different events.

What is the structure of mens thong underwear?

Mens thongs have a unique structure that does not provide you with all the coverage either; it gives all-round exposure to your assets. Men's thong underwear has a pouch in front which carries your assets with great comfort and in delicate fabric. The entire construction is held by the waistband which sits lower to your abdomen. The light-weight fabric of male thong gives you the benefit of feeling as if there is nothing down there. In some variants, there is some fabric on the sides and at the back while once you choose an exotic pair, you’ll get less fabric at the back. The string structure also accompanies some of the sexy mens thong underwear. 

What are the variants available in male thongs?

The conventional male thong

The conventional design of a male thong is all about a supportive front that covers traditionally the manhood in the best way possible while the back has a thinning coverage that goes between the butt cheeks. With a broad waistband that holds its place, the butts are exposed for the better appeal.

The sexy g-string for men

Talking about the next sexiest variant of thongs for men - mens g-strings are the skimpier versions that have branched out of the parent style. With a skimpy coverage in the front and back, you would find minimal fabric in the front and a negligible back with just a string riding up the butt crack. Meant specifically for pleasure purposes, g-strings for men are all fragile and hot commodity for your underneath.

T-back thongs

The line of t-back thongs for men are more or less like g-strings with a V-shaped front and t-form back formed by the waistband and back string.

C-string thongs

Now, what can be more revealing than these c-string underwear for men? With just C-shaped construction - you have a pouch on one end and a hard string keeping the entire thing stable in its place. You would love the freedom that these provide you. Suggested to be worn with tight pants, this is a craze these days.

Tanga thongs

The alternative to the Brazilian cut, Tangas are more like g-strings with a little more fabric on the sided as well as in the back. What makes these so sexy are the high cuts on the sides that reveal your legs in the best possible way keeping the front and back all supported.

Cheeky Thongs

If you are new to the collection of men's thong underwear, starting with cheeky thongs would be your best bet. Probably the widest coverage in the front, the back features a fabric coverage that leaves only parts of the butts to the show. In terms of comfort, these are the most preferred options.

Micro Thongs

The skimpiest of them all, the erotic underwear for men are the manly g-strings that look more like women's accessory.

With these being the variants that have been classified as another category altogether, the following are the ones that have been categorized depending on their fabric and nature.

Mesh Thongs

How would you find your sex appeal go up so high with the exposure of the mens thongs with the sex appeal provided by the mesh fabric? It is a bombastic combination for your underneath personality. It is the icing on the cake that you get exposure in both direct and indirect ways. After all, the high cuts of thongs and indirect exposure by mens sheer underwear fabric are all you need for a fancy appeal down there. The collection available at Mensuas has pieces that feature tiny mesh panels as well as those which are entirely crafted with the respective fabric. Hence, you can choose something that matches your taste buds as well as how far can you go depending on the visibility. The barely-there variant is a must-have for the time when you seek sex appeal, enhancement as well as breathability.

Pouch Enhancing Men's Thongs

What does one need in today's time when it comes to having a pleasing personality? Will it be the cuts or color of the thongs? Well, how visible your manhood is what makes a difference too lays quite an impact on the same. When you are looking for an appeal that is both visible and felt, the line of mens enhancing underwear with the thong cuts would be the best companion for you. You would love how the minimal coverage makes you feel on the inside and the pouch enhancing feature provides a bigger bulge on the outside. The style itself has a protruded pouch that looks like an extra dab of fabric that has been added for enhancing purposes.

Sporty thongs

What do you mean by sporty thongs for men? Well, the broader coverage, breathable fabric, conventional coverage, a pouch that defines and makes sure that the manhood stays away from the legs, and a few more attributes would total up to be a perfect sporty companion. You would be able to find numerous brands on Mensuas that feature super stylish and comfortable sporty thongs for men. After all, men have the right to feel sexy even on the regular days or probably get rid of the Monday blues. The respective men's underwear style would feature a fully functional pouch that covers the entire front providing it the necessary support that it needs. Turning the style around, you'd find a thick strap that sticks between the butt cheek or probably still managing to cover some parts of the butts.

When can you wear thongs?

The question of where can one sport this sexy style is always asked by men who have a lot of questions in their mind. The answer is that you can wherever you want to, you can wear the same. What matters is that the sex appeal should be raised and so is the level of heat. Some of the prominent occasions are:

Romantic evenings

Mens Thongs are a must. You can even try the skimpier version of thongs i.e., g-string underwear for the same.


You can wear them to feel confident and sexy

Beaches and pools

It works as a head-turner as well as perfect for equal tanning; and more.

What are the advantages of having mens thong underwear?

With a wide collection of thongs for men at Mensuas, when you land on the page, you must know that are so many advantages that you would be able to choose the best one for yourself. We mentioned earlier that it still has to be deciphered how many men have adopted thongs for men with open arms. With the awareness spreading like wildfire, men have come across the thought of trying on sexy underwear for themselves.

The different advantages of wearing thongs for men include:

No underwear lines:

The first and the foremost perk of having men's thong underwear is that when you slip into the pair, there's no sign on the outside. Unlike the other men's underwear styles with bulkier coverage on the legs keep showing from the skin-fit trousers, thongs for men come in handy in this sphere.

The feeling of going commando with minimal fabric:

Men in thongs have this advantageous thing to say that no matter what kind of mens thong underwear they choose, it feels like they're not wearing anything down there. The skimpy coverage of the mens thongs and the variants available are the ones that take your sex appeal to the whole new level by letting you feel comfortable in your skin.

What are the best brands to look for?

When it comes to the brands in mens thongs it is always better to choose the best. In order to help you choose the best brand in male thong, Mensuas is there for you. The combination of the best and trustable brands with the lowest cost possible, Mensuas is in the list of the best sites for shopping male underwear. No one likes to compromise with their comfort and Mensuas takes care of this fact. Combining the mens underwear styles from the best brands, Mensuas is getting the trust of most of its customers. In order to help you know what all brands you can shop from, here is the list.

Daniel Alexander Men's Sexy Thongs

As one of the most notable style brands of mens underwear, Daniel Alexander delivers probably the most conspicuous underwear in the nation. Their great yet bright styles and fun prints in mens lingerie stay untouched top choices among men, everything being equal. As of late, Daniel Alexander has patched up its material mixes, bringing about a lot milder feel and more pleasant fit on your skin. To the extent that spending lines go, this mens underwear brand will get you some value for your money without trading off solace. 

Kyle Sexy Thongs for Men

Kyle is the mens underwear brand practicing in bringing the best mens underwear styles to the customers. The brand highly esteems giving solace, worth, and advancement in mens lingerie. As an organization with attention on obliging the entire family, Kyle has made it their business to offer agreeable mens lingerie that doesn’t make you regret. 

Intymen Thongs for Men

By presenting their mens underwear styles Intymen has earned the underwriting of the a-list brand of mens underwear. Their serious fiber innovation absorbs sweat which keeps its wearer agreeable and cool. Intymen male underwear guarantees boundless solace in any season, for anybody, anyplace. It gets easier to put your trust into something comfortable and mens underwear styles from Intymen are worth putting your assets in. It offers a special room for your manhood while making you feel great about spending resources on it.

Daddy Sexy Thongs for Men

Mens underwear styles from Daddy gives another incredible option in case you're in the wake of something fun and agreeable at a lower value point. Known for flighty prints, their men's underwear styles offer a decent measure of help without being excessively close. Daddy stocks a scope of texture mixes made to help development while either warming or cooling your lower body locale. No matter what physical exercise you do, You mens thongs from Daddy will be there at your help. There is no space for regret left once you slip in this pair of mens underwear.

Cover Male Men's Thongs

Cover Male has made it their errand to give underwear for men that bolsters the necessities of the good appearance. These lightweight mens thongs will keep you new and cool during your open-air experiences. In any case, that is not the best part; they offer you the support, solace, and portability during outside exercises. You cannot run away from the best experience that mens thongs from Cover Male provide. It is always great to wear something unique and male thong from Cover Male helps you to get it. There come to no second thoughts before buying mens thong underwear once you know what all it offers.

What more is there in mens thongs?

The best part about mens thong underwear is that they prove to be the best match for any occasion you choose to go. No matter what your outside attire is, mens thongs will be perfect for clothing. The light texture of mens thongs gives you no underwear lines once you wear them inside. With simply the necessary measure of texture on the front and back for the show, the fascinating mens thongs upgrade the flexibility of your rump. It makes them look more full and round. In case you're a person who needs to feel attractive with what you as of now have or need to make some incredible memories of closeness, it is energetically suggested that you get yourself men's thongs. The development of the whole piece has only a tight texture on the front that holds the assets together and keeps it insignificant overall. Hence, if you’ve been wondering to enhance your fashion and get yourself mens thong underwear then you can shop from Mensuas.

How to pick the best thongs for men from Mensuas?

Shopping thongs for men at Mensuas is a cakewalk but if you're new, just remember these things.

The size should be correct:

The utmost important aspect that makes all the difference of how you feel down there with mens thongs is the size. Do make sure you size yourself properly before you pick a specific size. To do this, run a tape measure around you where you generally want your waistband to rest. Add 1 point for any results with an odd number. You need to match the measurement with the mentioned size on the product page of mens thong underwear. You can surely go a size bigger than normal with thongs but a size smaller will be a bad idea.

Know the purpose of mens thong underwear:

Just like the various men in thongs have a specific occasion/purpose; thongs for men also are available in numerous fabrics that suit different occasions. Cotton-made mens thong underwear is perfect for every day because they are light and comfortable whereas; fabrics like nylon, silk, leather-like, are appropriate for situations like romantic evenings, partying, and more.

Choose your favorite brand:

Brand plays an important role in providing what you're looking for. When it comes to mens thong underwear, numerous brands offer the style and you can choose from them.