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Things that can turn your date into a Nightmare

Dating is an art that pleases both you and your partner. It takes a combined effort to make the whole dine-out or stay home experience memorable. When it comes to...

Dating is an art that pleases both you and your partner. It takes a combined effort to make the whole dine-out or stay home experience memorable. When it comes to women, they make sure everything is pitch perfect on their behalf; men on the other hand, seem to miss getting what the partner actually wants (No offense! This is what everybody said when I recently met my college gang for a reunion). This blog here, talks about the small things that can turn your oh so pleasant date into a nightmare.

Overdone styling

Women surely get attracted to fine fragrances, but they never want their man to bathe in perfumes. Men on the other hand think that why not allure her with all the perfume that they have and kind of spray the excessive amount of it all over. If you did, you just made someone allergic to strong smell die because of your perfume. Overdoing your style would also include when you dress up in glitters instead of a plain denims and shirt.

Lack of confidence

There numerous times when you dress to impress! However, sometimes out of those you do not feel quite comfortable but still manage to fix yourself in them. Hence, your discomfort with the clothes (everything from men's underwear to shirt, jeans, or any other clothing article) would be clearly visible in your confidence and attitude. What matters is your confidence, even in the simplest of clothes.

Show off

Women do not like men who are a complete show off. There are times when hiding or telling something about the new achievements is difficult, but going on and on with your new wrist watches or accessories can be a big turn off. Let her notice your style and compliment you for it.

Ill fit

Wear well-fitting clothing! A few inches here and a couple of inches there can make a huge difference to both your overall appearance and the way you feel during your date. Starting from your men's underwear styles whether it is briefs or jocks or even male thongs to your suit or shirt. It needs to be just meant for you.

Late arrival

Women always appreciate men who are not late for their date. In fact, arriving before time sounds like a plan rather than making your date wait for you. It shows your chivalry and affection for her to greet her when she comes.


Attending calls, texting or even checking your smart phone time and again would make her lose interest in you. Hence, your date with her could even be your last. One of the most important things on date night is to show that your attention is devoted to the person you're dating. So show some affection and attention to your date not your phone. These simple mistakes can ruin your date and make your partner run away from you. Make sure you don't repeat them, if you've already committed some out of these. Mensuas offers the gamut of fashion underwear styles that are authentic, sexy and affordable. Check out the collection now at Related Stories:
5 comments on Things that can turn your date into a Nightmare
  • Josephn Myres
    Josephn MyresJuly 22, 2016

    The article remind me of my first date. I was so excited and nervous that I appeared for the date in a wrong fit of thong underwear. I was constantly feeling uneasy. No matter how hard I tried to hold my expressions, my girlfriend sensed that something was wrong with me. As if this was not enough, I even had rashes and by the end of the day I was not even able to walk properly. The entire day turned out to be a nightmare for me. I still feel embarrassed when think about it.

  • Stanley Peterson
    Stanley PetersonJuly 21, 2016

    Yes, I agree with the article. Every guy has got different personality and so their underwear style differs as well. I realized it very recently, when a tried a number of different underwear myself. I found that not every design was suiting my taste and finally I settled for the boxer briefs. That was comfortable and looked good with my personality. Not only this, I have even realized that the design of underwear differs with occasion as well. Different underwear goes with different event.

  • split
    splitJune 01, 2016

    Outstanding story there. What occurred after? Thanks!|

  • Jesse Parker
    Jesse ParkerApril 20, 2016

    I completely agree with the late arrival aspect, but I guess women are the ones who are generally late. Or probably it is supposed to be this way that women can be late, but men shouldn’t. I don’t like waiting at all, but my partner always make me wait and it bothers me a lot.

  • Kevin Thompson
    Kevin ThompsonApril 18, 2016

     Lol! Thanks for saving my first date John Michael. I am actually grateful for this generous blog that you wrote about the mishaps. I walked with this information and now finally I have a girlfriend who is quite impressed with me. Thanks a tone!

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