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Clothing Articles to be worn Now

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You might not feel the summer heat getting over, but in reality, the days have gone shorter and the nights are colder. Hence, this calls for the festive season where you know you should start switching your clothing articles to the ones that are supposed to be worn right now as it is neither cold nor too hot.

What is suitable for this time?

Well, you can do a lot with your style quotient and for the rest, go on and read the blog for a sexy appeal.

Check suit

Who doesn't love checks? Well, this is one style that keeps on coming back every now and then, and that's exactly what happened at the runway this year. The check suits are the new favorites for the male population of this time. You also must consider having a check suit in your wardrobe for all the good reasons. However, checks do not play well for all the body types. If you are slim, this would add the advantage of adding up a little more to your physique whereas; the ones with a heavy built can avoid it.

Not so loose pants

You would have read it in many places that loose is not what the fashion trend has been favoring when it comes to trousers. The current runway trend brought trouser trend that allows being a baggy but not loose. You can surely opt for the form fitted pants that define your personality or go a little baggy to keep up with the spaciousness and comfort.

Add on a few pockets

Oh yes!! You must be thinking that pockets are already there in the clothing articles that we wear. I would clarify this aspect by telling you that we always run out of pockets when the idea is to actually use them, whether it is your baggy pants or your safari jackets, make sure you have ample pockets. Off course, you're not going to carry phone chargers or house keys in them, but they always come in handy when in need.

Fashion men's underwear

Remember I wrote about the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving celebration, and what all you can actually do to make the most of the festivals. Wearing men's underwear styles that coordinate with the All Hallows Eve or gifting a designer underwear to your husband on Thanksgiving is a great idea. This, in turn, would glamorize the underneath fashion and add to the fashion quotient. If you've not yet read those blogs, go and read them here.

Sexy suede shoes are in

Now is the time when you would put your best foot forward with the suede shoes. They are luxurious to touch as well as a fashion quotient for men who love to keep their feet in something that is sturdy inside and comfortable outside. These are the key pieces that you can adopt while you are still welcoming the winter month. Related Stories:

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