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Thanksgiving Day 2016- What to do?

Yep! You must be wondering about the heading I gave to the blog. It matches the one I wrote for Halloween as well. After talking about what you can do on the All Hallows Eve, the next big thing to look forward to before Christmas is the Thanksgiving Day. Being one of the most awaited festivals/celebrations of the year, Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November every year. Falling on 24th November 2016 this year, the day has a lot of significance and a rich history that dates back to 1621 where the Pilgrims celebrated after their first harvest in the New World.

Why is Thanksgiving Day actually celebrated?

Thanksgiving was started after pilgrims from Massachusetts survived the harsh winters in 1621 with the help of the Native Americans. Coming down to what you can do this year on the auspicious occasion, let us look ate the options to make it more happening and happier with your family, and friends.

Thanksgiving handmade cards

We all host a luxurious buffet dinner for our family, friends and the extended relatives. Why not invite them in a fun way this year? You can look up the internet and find out the easy yet interesting way to make handmade cards making this day special for all of them.

Decide the menu for the occasion

Apart from the traditional delicacies on the table like Stuffed Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce and more, you can put dishes like glazed carrots, Squash Soup, Cast-Iron Skillet Cornbread and more.

Decorate your home accordingly

Like I had mentioned about the scary decorative pieces you can buy online to make your house look prepared for the Halloween, you'd find cute, inspirational and beautiful decorative pieces online. From the variety of wreaths (harvest, oak leaves, etc.) and door hangings, the list goes all the way to table souvenirs, candles, and a lot more. This way you'd welcome the Thanksgiving spirit with cheer and joy.

Share memories on the table

Once you're done with the lavish dinner and have thanked God for it all, you can share the happy memories of the past year to each other. For example, picking up a topic like "the best thing happened this year" and likewise you can share quality time with your loved ones.

Share your love with others

Not restricting to the family and friends, the occasion is to be thankful for all you have. Hence, it would be a wise idea to step out and feed a hungry or clothe the one who has no clothes. Let him/her be thankful for the day too and in return, you'll have a feeling inside that'll be priceless.

Gift your beloved

Taking this opportunity, why not consider gifting something to your soul mate? It could be anything from his favorite perfume to a pair of men's underwear from his favorite brand. Make it a happier occasion for one and all. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Enjoy!! More Stories:

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