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Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Fashion

Is it too hard to let go your old clothes and it's even harder to keep piling them in the closet? Well, you are not alone feeling this, my friend,...

Is it too hard to let go your old clothes and it's even harder to keep piling them in the closet? Well, you are not alone feeling this, my friend, every man faces the same situation in his life more than once. If you are someone who trusts the fashion advertisements and change trends accordingly, you should stop doing it right away. Why so? Well, because it does nothing more than making you spend a lot of extra money and did no good (trends keep on changing and your clothes will be kept without being used). So, what can be done? You just have to give your old clothes a new look and feel new in them. The only exception here would be your underneath fashion because you can't use your old men's fashion underwear for wearing purpose. Well, you can use them for different other things like pet bed, pillow filling and more. Let us now look at the ways with which you can easily upgrade your summer fashion quotient.

Roll up your sleeves

Well, the very first thing you must do is to stop wearing a lot of shirts with opened sleeves. This might look formal, but surely not summery. Neatly rolled up sleeves are in fashion and will cost your style quotient nothing. In fact, properly done, it will enhance your look and complement your attire.

Keep changing your underneath fashion

This might sound very weird to guys who hardly shop for themselves, but it is very important to keep your men's underwear changed after every 2 months. Why so? Well, the male anatomy tends to be the most vulnerable and sensitive part of the male body. The fabric accumulates a lot of body fluid and is prone to various kinds of infections which can be harmful to the masculinity. So, it is essential to discard your old pairs and get some new sexy underwear styles for your healthy manhood.

Opt for distressed jeans

Just like you witness every age old era coming back in fashion, distressed jeans are a part of it. You obviously would have experienced it before or surely would have seen guys (and girls) sporting it in the best way possible. You just have to figure out the number of cuts on your denim you're comfortable with. Make slow strokes in order to get what you're looking for. However, if you do not want to go through the pain, you can opt for the variety of brands like Mango man and others.

Wear your shirt as your jacket

I still not have understood the purpose of layering the outfit with so many clothes. While others prefer to wear a bomber jacket and more, I have seen particular guys wearing their shirts as their jacket. Well, that's exactly what's coming back in trend. You just have to grab on a round neck or crew neck tee and team it up with a check or striped shirt. Try these ways and I am sure you're gonna love how you transform your style quotient in no time. Know more about summer fashion here. Stories You May Like:
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