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UndieGuy Reveals: The Bulge


Popular underwear and lifestyle blogger Undie Guy writes about how the male bulge is a thing of beauty and should never be hidden. It should be encased in the best underwear you can buy.

I've been reviewing mens underwear from all over the world for about five years now. From backless to crotchless, mesh underwear and lace underwear and the most recent mens panties too. I've done plenty of videos and have interacted with thousands of guys on social media about their fetishes and issues with their respective mens underwear styles. But one of the things I got messages about was how the bulge in their pants embarrassed a lot of guys when they were in public or of showing their boner through a pair of undies.

Before we get started on the actual topic "Bulge", I would want to tell you that being ashamed of that protruded bulge in the pants is nothing to be ashamed of in the first place. There was even a time when mens fashion underwear brands would advertise with a model wearing their product but sans a bulge! "Where on earth is it?" I would ask. It did nothing for the underwear or the brand. Now the times have changed and so is the face of the apparel styles and mens pouch underwear has finally become a thing. You must know everything about pouch underwear for men and here is the information.

Recently, I read about an underwear brand that blocks out your cock, completely hiding it sort of like a corset hides your belly. I can understand that perhaps there are some situations where you may possibly need it. I just saw a few dance performances on stage and the international ensemble of very hot artists wore tights or designer underwear perfectly outlining their bulges. It elevated their look and accentuated their bodies. You know how when they try to cover it or restrict it, it looks weird. Because you're not supposed to!

I don't believe the human form is something to be embarrassed about and this whole shaming thing for nudity or porn is not something I understand. As long as it's healthy and you get pleasure out of it without hurting someone then it should be fine. Now of course nudity in public is frowned upon. But having a bit of bulge in your pants is simply natural. I for one love seeing a guy with a bulge in his pants; a cute ass in them is certainly good too. And if women are allowed to show cleavage and wear push up bras, then guys should certainly wear mens enhancing underwear to flaunt their package.

Some guys don't need the enhancements and simply bulge fantastically through a pair of jogging pants or shorts. Well, that's where mens pouch underwear steps in but there are rules to keep in check for wearing the style. That subtle curve through the front is tantalizingly sexy, and nothing to feel ashamed of. So show it off, I say!

A guy bulging while he's sitting is a beautiful sight. The curve of his jeans set against a pack of abs and toned chest is sexy personified. It adds to the beauty of your surroundings, giving you something to smile about. Straight guys have had curvaceous feminine bodies to look at, admiring ass, legs and tits for centuries. As long as it's done admiringly and not in a vulgar manner, this admiration is beneficial to everyone, raising happiness and confidence levels.

A good pair of male underwear is just what I need sometimes to get that perfect bulge happening through a nice pair of track pants. It's manly, sexy and artful in a way. So if you're well endowed and hung, then there are undies specifically designed for that too. They won't make your bulge disappear, but more appropriately prop it neatly and comfortably so as not to be too out there.

If you take a closer look at my personal opinion about the bulge, I would just say - Don't be too afraid of that protruded bulge that you have in your pants. You have it so you must make sure that you keep it that way using mens enhancing underwear styles. Men out there are indulging in all kinds of enhancing techniques. Women love bulges - at the right time and on the right occasions. Your personality looks appealing even when you are looking forward to having a fashionable personality at an event.

I'd love to see more guys be proud of their bulges and show them off. I can certainly see it in lots of underwear brands I'm reviewing and following on social media. Here's to the bulge!





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  1. avatar Leoparker says:

    After reading the blog, I actually think that I should also show-off my bulge using pouch enhancing underwear that holds the manhood perfectly. Undie Guy has shared his experience in a detailed way which can easily convince anybody for showing off the bulge.

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    Why do you Not carry TULIO




    the pouch cut??



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    Thanks for being there.

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