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How to get the best of men's fashion?

How to get the best of men's fashion?

Do you desire to look fashionable every day? With all the changes in the last few decades, men's fashion has come to a time that either you constantly change with the time or just choose some classic pieces that stay with you for a long while. However, it sometimes gets difficult to understand the basics of fashion and incorporate the same in your life.


Well, I have compiled a list of few things that if kept in check can transform your fashion quotient from the basic men's underwear to the outfits. Let's look at the tips below to make you a fashionable man.

You make your own fashion quotient

What you see on the fashion channels or in the magazines is what the brands ask you to wear, but you can make your own fashion quotient with what you already have. All you need to do is understand the different styles of clothing articles and get them right for specific occasions. Just like men's fashion underwear styles. For example, men's briefs for work, thong underwear/g-strings for romance and men's jockstrap underwear for sports is what is right.

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Get the fit right

Can't get enough of the "fit" logic? Well, this is a constant reminder for guys who opt for the wrong fitted clothes and then regret. You're not a kid anymore who wears his father's clothes (loose) or you obviously have grown up since the last time you bought new clothes, so don't opt for tight pieces. Slim fit is what is right for you, nothing more nothing less.

Designs matter

Whether you are just 15 or 50, it is important to dress according to your age. Have you seen elderly men wearing hep prints that are generally worn by teenagers? That's absolutely unmanageable. So, if you dress according to your age, you'll be able to pull off your look easily without being too tacky.

Accessorize well

Have you seen any female out there who walks out of the house without accessorizing her attire? The same rule applies to you too. Do not think that you've done everything perfectly until you've accessorized it properly. Whether it is a tie or pocket square or even cap/handcuffs/cuffs with your men's costume underwear, these are important. With these basics, you can be the man you want in terms of looks and personality. Just focus on each aspect and get what you want.

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