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Fashion trends to follow this Summer

Fashion trends to follow this Summer

Not everything that we see on the models and the runway is worth adopting. But, there are times when you understand the clothing article or the trend quite well in order to adopt them for yourself.

As the years are going by, it seems that men's fashion trends are becoming more racy and adventurous. From the animal print to the broad panels, everything counts has been just getting racier. But for 2017 trends, things are going to have to get even ballsier to keep the style quotient going higher and more stylish for keeping men satisfied. You can easily upgrade to the summer fashion by getting to know the options.

Are you looking for trends that'll make you look raunchier?

Well, you've just landed at the right place.

Statement overcoats

Statement Overcoats | Mensuas

If you've been following the trends for a while, you'll surely have overcoats for the right reasons. A piece of navy, gray, black and more, now is the time to go a step further with exotic prints. Well, you can take the queue from Pharell William's pink coat Jingle Ball back in 2014. That's not it! You don't have to stick with the solids but can go wild and free with Aztec prints, animal prints and more.

Go blonde- or try something out-of-the-box

Go blonde

Being the man of today, there's no doubt that you wouldn't follow celebs on Instagram. Looks like we've reached the saturation point when it all comes down to the "unnatural colors". Thanks to the trendy celebrities, their hairstylists and the rising influence of looking different. From Zayn Malik pulling off two-tone hair color to Joe Jonas flaunting the candy-colored strands, the world has come to a point where it all matters.

Wide cropped trousers

Wide cropped trousers

Just like we're going from subtle to adventurous in other genres of fashion, how far can the trousers be left? You must take a leap towards the chilled-out trousers with a broad fit. All you need to understand is that you must team up the wide cropped trousers with the right supporting pieces. For summer, we're sure that your manhood will feel a lot better and won't stop thanking you for letting it breathe better.

Adopt pink

Adopt pink

A close runner up in terms of color for this summer would be pink. After the adoption of red, yellow and so many bright shades, pink is something that men don't really look up to. Colors matter a lot when you wear your style because they say a lot about you. Being summery by nature and available in such a variety, pink is what you must adopt.

Go breathable in your footwear

Go breathable in your footwear Coming down all the way to your footwear (which definitely gets noticed first), you are free to go sockless in the first place. Moreover, you can invest in Bohemian-styled sandals that keep your feet dry and comfortable. In addition, you can also adopt loafers or boots if you really are a guy who freaks out with the tan.

Welcome panties

Men's Panties

This season, it is a great thing to welcome men's panties in your closet. You need not go for feminine styles like male thongs or g-string underwear but can satisfy your urge to slip into comfort, pampering and luxurious feel with men's jockstraps as well as bikini briefs as well.

Did we miss out on something? Do let us know in the comments below.

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