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8 reasons why your Personal Style is not improving

8 reasons why your Personal Style is not improving

"Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it."

Just wearing the best of the clothes and sticking to the most expensive brand is not enough. The way you project yourself and pull off your look and attire is equally important when it comes to defining your style statement. Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, you still lag behind in style? Have you seen your older photos and thought that there has not been much change in your look? There is a reason behind this. Probably, you are making the same style mistake over and over again.

Here is a compilation of some mistakes that might be coming in the way of your personal style. Check them out.

You choose the wrong fit

"To be more stylish, wear well-fitting pants. You don't want to have baggy, sad pants. Stand tall. Have a good posture. "- Neil Patrick Harris You choose the wrong fit

The fitting of clothes is one of the biggest contributors to the personal style of an individual. Allowing your un-hemmed, loosely flowing suit trousers to puddle over the tops over your shoes can single-handedly destroy the look. Along with this, even the shirt and suit should fit you perfectly. This is a must in both formal and casual attire. Gone are the days when baggy t-shirts were considered cool. Sleek and subtle is the next cool.

You don't accessorize the attire sincerely

"To be more stylish, accessorize -  a scarf, a signet ring, a hat." - Dominic West

You don't accessorize the attire sincerely

The attire is incomplete unless it is decked out with the right set of the ensemble. A wristwatch is a statement-making piece for every man. So, make sure that you have it on, regardless of the occasion. When it comes to bracelets or necklaces and rings, it is better to keep it simple. The bedazzling jewelry will make you look over-the-board.

You don't layer up appropriately

"I'm not much of a style maven. But a good-fitting jacket makes everything better" - Brandon Routh

You don't layer up appropriately

Either you are not layering up your clothing properly or you are not using the layers at all. A lot of men either stick to the basic shirts and tees while others plunge into wearing statement outfit or tons of patterns. Striking the right note between them is the need of the hour. You don't have to go over-the-top to make a style statement. The thumb rule is to keep it sleek and simple. Use subtle and sophisticated styles of jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts. Layering up is the best you stand out in a crowd without going too far.

You follow the trend religiously

"Be yourself. You can't be afraid to be who you are. If you conform you may not be criticized, but you also won't be noticed". - LL Cool J You follow the trend religiously

The key to being a trendsetter is not to follow the trend blindly. Staying in sync with the things that are happening in the industry is important, but you don't have to push yourself too much to stay on-trend. Wear only the things that suit your personality. Your attire should complement your personal self, instead of making you look out of the place.

You ignore the footwear

"Make sure that you're wearing cool shoes. Shoes show an outfit." - James Wolk You ignore the footwear

Do you focus your entire attention on the clothing style and ignore the footwear? This is the biggest fashion mistake you are making. This is the first thing that is noticed in man. The shoes project your entire style and attitude. So, make sure that you give due importance to your footwear selection.

You don't groom yourself well

"Take a shower, that's a good start" - Wesley Snipes You don't groom yourself well

This is one of the most overlooked and underrated aspects when it comes to men's fashion. While most men never think about it, self-grooming is a part of the personal style. A man who looks neat and smells good will automatically attract extra attention. It is as important for men to look neat and clean as it is for the ladies. Bathe well and do your hair properly. Other than this, your body odor speaks a lot about your personality. The secret of a masculine scent is subtlety. It should never be overpowering.

You stick too much with the conventions

"I have a uniform: a black t-shirt and some jeans every day. For events sometimes, I get some help from the wardrobe departments. Works for me." - Billy Burke You stick too much with the conventions

The classic shades and clothing styles are always 'in'. There are little chances of going wrong with the conventions of men's fashion. However, sticking to the same style makes you look monotonous at times. There is nothing wrong with trying something different and new from time-to-time.

You think that your underwear does not matter

"From the cradle to the coffin underwear comes first." - Bertolt Brecht You think that your underwear do not matter

For sure, no one sees your underwear, but people do notice you adjusting your undergarment. People do notice the attitude you carry. The style of men's underwear contributes a lot to your comfort level and ultimately your personality. Ditch the conventional baggy undies and try the new underwear styles for men. Even the traditional cuts like men's trunk are available with snug-fit styles and pouch enhancing options. Try anything of this sort and put your best personality forward.

Have you got the reasons that are restricting your style quotient? Share your comments with us below.

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