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Men’s Underwear of Cover Male: Top Styles You Need to Own

    All of the underwear from Cover Male is classy, sophisticated, and enhancing. The brand has been offering a vast variety of sexy men’s underwear since 2011. No matter...

 Cover Male Underwear


All of the underwear from Cover Male is classy, sophisticated, and enhancing. The brand has been offering a vast variety of sexy men’s underwear since 2011. No matter the style you choose, you will be treated to a selection of materials and designs, from sheer to camo to flag prints to solids. You will also appreciate the stretchiness, support, durability, and comfortable fit of all of the styles. 

Take a closer look at just some of those styles of enhancing underwear from Cover Male. 

Cover Male Bikinis

With nearly two dozen bikinis offered, you should not have any issues choosing a pair of Cover Male underwear in a style that you love. Opt for a strappy Brazilian bikini or even more straps and skin with a micro bikini. Stick to a classic bikini cut to show a little less skin but still look incredibly sexy. You can even choose unique sexy underwear, like a flag bikini. 

Cover Male Briefs

For excellent support without extra material getting in your way, consider Cover Male briefs. This enhancing underwear lets you show off all aspects of your physique, including putting your package front and center. 

Cover Male Boxer Briefs

Cover Male understands exactly what you want from gay men’s underwear, which is why the boxer briefs include cheek boxers that show off your buttocks and tightly cradle your package in front. The brand’s boxer briefs prove that sexiness and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Cover Male Boxer Shorts

When you see the term “boxer shorts,” you may worry that they will cover too much for your taste, but the ones from Cover Male keep you sexy while leaving you plenty of room to breathe. For extra breathing room, consider a pair with net or mesh material. Of course, you can also choose another comfortable material for boxer shorts that cover your entire genital region but do so in a way that emphasizes your physique instead of hiding it. 

Cover Male G-strings

When you want to feel your sexiest or give that special someone something to look at, consider a G-string from Cover Male. These sexy men’s underwear comes in over 20 different styles, each with its own cut and design. Some only provide the absolute essential coverage, while others cover a little more while still letting you show off lots of skin. Some even feature the “strings” that give this style its name in entrancing designs that are sure to get your partner’s attention. 

Cover Male Jockstraps

Jockstraps are among the most versatile type of gay men’s underwear. The way they expose your buttocks makes them perfect for giving that special someone a preview of what’s to come in the bedroom. Or you can take advantage of their excellent support and the breathability that comes from that open rear design to exercise without a care. 

Cover Male Thongs

Cover Male’s thongs are all designed to help you show off, but while some have as little material as a G-string, others are somewhere between that style and a bikini. If you want a middle ground, consider a thong with strategic mesh. 

Cover Male Trunks

Proving that sexy underwear can include more material than you may realize, Cover Male offers mesh boxer trunks that cover you up yet hide nothing in the process. They are the perfect option to tempt your partner. 

Cover Male Swimwear 

Cover Male doesn’t limit itself to enhancing underwear; you can also get swimwear with a similar effect. Choose from a swim bikini or a micro thong, depending on how much skin you want to show at the pool or beach. 


From jockstraps to bikinis to boxer briefs, Cover Male has something for all tastes, and you can always count on their underwear being comfortable and sexy at the same time. 

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