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It is Easter - How are you planning to celebrate the holiday?

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Easter baskets with decorated eggs wrapped in chocolates and jellybeans, and pastel hues are all elements that most people identify with the holiday.

I recall being so happy about Easter service as a child. It wasn't because I didn't understand the entire significance of Jesus' resurrection; it was because Easter was when I got to wear a nice dress and a hat with an uncomfortably tight elastic band beneath my chin. I used to adore Easter because it meant going to one of my grandparents' houses after church for an egg hunt, great lunch, and my grandma's customary Easter sweets.

Things have changed now! In fact, little did I know that Easter is celebrated differently across the world. Well, in this blog, we will take a look at how people celebrate Easter around the world. Moreover, we will also see what Mensuas is offering you from the line of men's underwear and swimwear this year only for Easter.

Easter Bun


In the Pacific countries like New Zealand and Australia, Easter happens in the Falls rather than in Spring. Therefore, the people enjoy eating Hot Cross Buns during this time. In fact, hot cross buns play an important part during this holiday.


Easter is a high affair in Africa. People decorate churches and have fellowships with each other. Moreover, the Thursday before Easter Sunday is celebrated as Maundy Thursday. Linens featuring butterflies, florals, and other designs are frequently used to adorn churches. People attend Easter vigils to commemorate Jesus' resurrection, and church services are the most important portions of Easter in the area. Christians have a watch the night before Easter, which begins solemnly but ends with rejoicing and dancing. Families and localities spend Easter Sunday feasting and enjoying church services and at their homes.



Despite the fact that only a tiny fraction of Indians are Christians, many people regard the occasion as a "spring celebration." Although egg dyeing and decorating aren't generally acknowledged in India, many people still buy lavishly adorned eggs as gifts for their youngsters since they are conscious of the long-standing practice. However, now people host processions with palm crosses and leaves in their neighborhood. In fact, have family dinners and celebrations.


Something unusual occurs in France on Easter Monday. In the French village of Bessières, helpers assemble to create a massive omelet. To make this massive meal, people break hundreds of eggs and fry them. So, why do they do this in the first place?

Easter Omelet

According to legend, Napoleon and his troops were passing through the south of France when they came to a halt in this little village. They ate omelets there, and Napoleon enjoyed them so much that the following morning he ordered the townsfolk to collect their eggs and cook a massive omelet for his troops. In fact, this festive ritual has been going on in the community since 1973!


On Good Friday, locals in Bermuda enjoy flying kites. One year, a professor wanted to assist his students to comprehend Jesus ascending to heaven, so he created the practice.

Happy Easter

United States

Easter is historically commemorated in the United States with church services. Moreover, with plastic egg hunting, real egg coloring, and lots of goodies. Like... a plethora of goodies. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent $2.6 billion on candy in 2018. Isn't it true that we adore sugar?

 Flickr Commons / John Sonderman

Now, coming down to Mensuas, you should know how the mens underwear online store is letting you celebrate the holiday.

Mensuas is offering an enormous sale to all its shoppers. Further, a sitewide sale of Up To 80% Off on the entire website. In fact, there's more to it. If your order totals more than $50, you get a discount of $5 with the code EASTER5. Moreover, $10 off on orders above $100 with the code EASTER10.

So, which of the traditions do you follow on Easter? In fact, will you spend your holiday out with your family or at home lounging in your mens lingerie? Do let us know in the comments section.


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