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Why Men prefer Cotton Underwear?

Men have always been related to men's briefs because of their love for the men's underwear style. The next big thing that men look up to in terms of their clothing needs is the cotton. Moreover, men look for cotton underwear in probably situation. Don't you think so? If you are still trying to figure out and check for the number of cotton pieces you have in your top drawer and you'll be able to figure that end. Still, the question stays- why do men prefer cotton as their savior for the intimate wear? That' exactly what we'll look in this blog.

Perfect for us and the environment

It is a natural fiber that undergoes a process and finally comes to us as our favorite thong underwear for men or even sporty men's bikinis. Having provided us with the best and most comfortable feeling down there, cotton goes back to the earth. Well, it decomposes once its shelf life is over. Hence, it is a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

It is the best summer fabric

This doesn't come as a surprise or shock to any of us! Cotton might be the base fabric for numerous winter thermals or even wrestling suits but it is best suited for the hot days. It has the capability to absorb sweat and dry off easily. The enhanced breathability is also an aspect that makes it suitable for summers.

Can stretch well

You might be thinking that cotton does not have the properties to stretch and is not elastic at all. However, if you club the fashion underwear fabric with elastane or spandex in an appropriate ratio, the pairs would stretch well and bestow you with ample flexibility. Isn't that going unconventional with the conventional style? Well, that's what designers at Mensuas do to make you feel absolutely stunning.

Is available in stunning colors

One of the best properties of cotton is that it can take up every possible color very well. However, it is also known for fading with time but if you take proper care of the designer underwear styles, the color would not fade out. For example, washing or soaking your favorite g-string or even boxer brief underwear made out of cotton in a combination of salt and water, there are fewer chances of it fading its color soon.

Are lightweight

Talking about the treated versions of cotton like Supa Cotton, Pima Cotton and others, the lightweight property comes complementary. The process of treating them makes sure that the enhancing other features includes making them weigh less on the body. Hence, you needn't carry that extra load below the belt. Why do you prefer cotton undergarments? Do let us know below. Read Also:

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