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Unmasking the Truth: Separating Fact from Fiction on Columbus Day

Columbus Day, a national holiday celebrated in the United States, is often a subject of both celebration and controversy. While it has become synonymous with exploration and discovery, there are still many misconceptions about this holiday.

In this article, we'll delve into the reasons why Columbus Day is celebrated, address the myth that only Americans observe it, and discover what Mensuas has to offer this Columbus Day. 

Why Columbus Day Is Celebrated 

Exploring New Horizons

Columbus Day, celebrated on the second Monday of October, commemorates Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492.

columbus day celebration

It's a day to honor his historic voyage across the Atlantic Ocean and the subsequent European exploration of the New World. 

Promoting Italian-American Heritage

Another significant aspect of Columbus Day is its role in celebrating Italian-American heritage.

Christopher Columbus was of Italian descent, and the holiday has long been a way for Italian-Americans to celebrate their cultural roots and contributions to American society. 

Recognizing Exploration and Discovery

Columbus's journey marked a significant turning point in world history. It led to the exchange of ideas, cultures, and goods between the Old World and the New World. His voyage opened up new trade routes and expanded global knowledge. Columbus Day serves as a reminder of the importance of exploration and discovery in human history.

Dispelling the Myth: Who Celebrates Columbus Day?

Beyond American Borders

Contrary to the myth that only Americans celebrate Columbus Day, several other countries and regions also observe similar holidays or have their own explorers' commemorations:

Italy: Columbus's home country, Italy, celebrates the achievements of Italian explorers on October 12, coinciding with Columbus Day in the United States.

Spain: Spain, the nation that sponsored Columbus's voyage, marks the "Día de la Hispanidad" or Hispanic Day on October 12, celebrating the country's cultural and historical ties to Latin America.

columbus day

Latin America: Many countries in Latin America celebrate "Día de la Raza" or "Day of the Race" on October 12, recognizing the diverse heritage resulting from the encounter between indigenous peoples and Europeans.

The Bahamas: Columbus's first landfall in the Americas was in the Bahamas. The country observes "Discovery Day" on the second Monday of October to commemorate this event.

columbus day controversy

Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico celebrates "Día de la Hispanidad" along with Spain and other Latin American countries.

These examples demonstrate that the impact of Columbus's voyages transcends national borders and is celebrated in various ways across the world. 

Columbus Day with Mensuas: What's on Offer?

As Columbus Day approaches, it's not just history that we celebrate; it's also an opportunity to enjoy exclusive deals and savings from various retailers. Mensuas, a prominent online destination for men's underwear such as men's bikinis, men's jockstraps, men's g-strings, men's thongs, men's briefs, swimwear, and activewear, is all set to make this Columbus Day a memorable one. 

The Men's Underwear Extravaganza

Mensuas is renowned for its extensive collection of men's underwear, and this Columbus Day, they're taking it up a notch. From classic boxers to daring thongs and everything in between, Mensuas has curated a selection of men's underwear styles that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.

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Whether you seek comfort, support, or a bold fashion statement, their Columbus Day offerings have got you covered. Expect discounts and special deals on top brands, ensuring you can stock up on high-quality men's underwear without breaking the bank. 

Dive into Swimwear Savings

Planning a beach getaway or just want to upgrade your swimwear game? Mensuas has you covered, both in terms of style and savings. Discover a wide range of swimwear options, including swim trunks, board shorts, swim briefs, and more.

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With Columbus Day discounts, you can enjoy stylish swimwear that complements your beach-ready look. Dive into the savings and make a splash this Columbus Day with Mensuas. 

Active Lifestyle Attire

For those with active lifestyles, Mensuas offers a diverse selection of athletic wear designed to provide comfort and support during workouts and physical activities. Whether you prefer sports briefs, jockstraps, or performance-oriented activewear,

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Mensuas' Columbus Day offerings are bound to excite fitness enthusiasts. Avail of exclusive deals to boost your activewear collection and stay stylish while staying active.

Accessories and Beyond

Mensuas goes beyond the basics by offering a range of accessories that elevate your style. From cozy socks to fashionable hats and loungewear that exudes comfort, their Columbus Day promotions extend to these stylish extras.

Upgrade your wardrobe with accessories that add the finishing touch to your outfits, all while enjoying savings. 

The Mensuas Experience

Beyond the deals and discounts, Mensuas offers a shopping experience characterized by user-friendly navigation, detailed product descriptions, and top-notch customer service.

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With easy online browsing and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Mensuas ensures that your shopping journey is as enjoyable as it is rewarding.


Columbus Day is a holiday that celebrates exploration, discovery, and cultural heritage. It's a day when nations around the world acknowledge the impact of Christopher Columbus's historic journey. While the holiday has its roots in the United States, it is not limited to one country alone. Various regions and nations have their own unique ways of commemorating this significant historical event.


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