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Underwear Review: Agacio AGK013 Black or White Thong

If you are the thong lover then you have to must check out the Underwear Review of  Agacio AGK013 Black or White Thong by the Mensuas Experts. Read more here:

Features that make the style a must-have :

The feature that makes this pair of men's underwear worth it is the comfort. This pair of men's thong underwear is simple yet elegant. Moreover, it comes with a pouch that keeps your manhood protected and well supported. Moreover, to make it look slightly different, designers have used contrast-colored piping. This piping enhances the shape very well.  One can shop this pair in Black and Grey. Moreover, it is available in different sizes.

Agacio AGK013 Black or White Thong

Why have these?

Agacio's Black or White Thong underwear is a fashion enhancer that makes it a must-have. This style of male underwear is great for those who have been waiting to pair their physique with some men's underwear. Further, this pair of men's underwear gives an adequate amount of coverage along with exposure. You should slip in the pair of this men's thong underwear if you wish for compliments everytime you enter some place. 

Speaking about the design, it offers great coverage in the front as well as at the back due to which you can wear it with confidence. Moreover, the combination of black and white simply looks amazing when you flaunt them outside. Support, comfort, and other benefits offered by this pair make it ideal for your routine work and even for your workout sessions. This male thong is capable of attracting all the eyes down there due to the pouch element present in it which beautifully enhances the package. 

Agacio Thong Underwear

Why shouldn't have this men's underwear?

We don't have a relevant reason for not opting for this male underwear.

About the brand

Agacio, a men's underwear brand follows a very simple mantra, "men known men", that's the reason it is designed by men for men. Furthermore, the brand is pronounced as "AgaSSIO", the Greek word that means "Good". The brand ensures that whichever underwear style of men they are creating or manufacturing are fulfilling the needs of modern men. As a result, each pair is designed to keep comfort and support factors in mind.

Agacio got established in the year 2013. Furthermore, the underwear styles for men presented by the brand comes with enhancing technique that beautifully enhances the visibility of the package. Moreover, the unique Sack Lifting Technique ensures that manhood is placed at an elevated position where it is visible even in the pants. Also, it protects your manhood from terrible skin issues like chafing.

Thong Underwear for men

Product fitting


Best occasions

  • Everyday
  • Exercising

Fabric composition

  • Polyamide – spandex

Available sizes

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Xlarge

Agacio AGK013 Black or White Thong

Why would we recommend it?

  • Comfort and ease to handle are two features due to which we recommend you this male thong. Usually, men consider thongs as a difficult style. However, looking at this style and features, it's the most comfortable men's underwear.
  • Agacio AGK013 Black or White Thong is great for your everyday chores. Whether it's about feeling good while working in the office or while exercising, comfort and the right support matters the most. 
  • This pair of male thongs come with a broad waistband which offers a good hold over your waist. Hence, when everything is in the right position, you feel more confident.
  • You don't need to pull up your underwear, you don't need to adjust it everytime you move. Thanks to its skinny silhouette.

How to maintain the quality of this pair of men's thongs?

When it comes to maintaining the quality of this underwear you need to follow certain rules. One of them is not washing them in the washing machine. Tumble drying and ironing are other two techniques that are not required in the case of men's thong underwear also check the underwear review here.



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