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Things to Pack for Short Term Travel

You might be at the stage where you'd be planning for a short vacation this summer and deciding where to go. Well, you can choose the destination and the dates; I'd be helping you with the packing. Confused? This blog will be a reminder call for all the things that are a must-have and deserve the place in your travel bag.


The first and foremost thing to be kept in order to not get lost in a new city is a map. You might want to be prepared for extreme situations when you are completely new to that place. Spending your most time looking for places and not enjoying the quality time would not help you anywhere. So, I would suggest you to be prepared with the city map.

Identification proof

This is another proof for your well being. Once caught without your passport, driving license or any identification proof; you'd be landing yourself in trouble. Hence, it is equally important to have an id of yourself while traveling.

Leisure wear

I don't mean that you pick the most different looking clothes, but definitely not your everyday wear. Leisure clothes are supposed to make you feel comfortable and at the same time appealing. Bright colors, sex appeal, comfortable fabrics and smart looks. What's a vacation without some show off and flaunting the physique in the midst of people who admire?

Intimate wear

One of the most important pieces of clothing is men's underwear. Obviously you can't afford to miss that! A part of your clothing article, men's underwear is one of the most neglected or under used clothing that is not considered worth keeping in bulk for the trip. However, the underclothing keeps you healthy and hygienic all day. Hence, make sure you pack along five pairs of men's apparel styles including briefs, men's boxer brief underwear, male thongs or anything else you like.


Well to sum it off, accessories are a very short word for the things I am going to mention the point. First-aid kit, toiletry kit, handkerchiefs, appropriate shoes, phone bank, and more need to be kept for their respective uses. These are the essential things to be packed for any vacation. Do not forget anything and for men's fashion underwear, check out options at

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2 thoughts on “Things to Pack for Short Term Travel

  1. avatar Donald Miller says:

    Definitely these are the most important things one must carry and I agree with the above comment. I am planning for a trip this summer and would make sure that I have all these with me for a sound vacation.

  2. avatar Ethan Smith says:

    I really liked what the blog talked about and will make sure that all these things would be there in my bag. Some things that I felt were missing in the blog (my perception) would be a power bank for all the smartphones and a fully functional credit card for times that you run out of cash. What do you think?

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