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Some strange underwear habits that are totally normal

There are times in life when you do things that you yourself know are extremely weird and abnormal, but your heart doesn't let you back out from the situation. This...

There are times in life when you do things that you yourself know are extremely weird and abnormal, but your heart doesn't let you back out from the situation. This blog would come to you as a relief that there are a few habits related to underwear for men that are totally normal. They are done by all of us, at least once in our lifetime or probably every now and then, but you would have definitely experienced them yourself or on somebody. There are many times when you are judged for spitting out an underwear habit that is considered to be weird, and you regret the time you just said it out-- loud. However, this blog would brief you about the various weird habits that are actually very normal. Let's list them out down!

Sniffing is good

Just like I mentioned above, you should cross your heart and tell me that you have never picked up a pair of mens brief underwear from the floor and smelled it ? Well, there are guys who smell it because they want to. However, if you don't smell it, how are supposed to figure out whether it is clean or not?

Getting the bird out of the cupboard

That's what many refer to it when your thong wedgie or even the fabric of bikini underwear gets stuck in the butt crack. (In case you want to know more about thong and its advantages, click here) Pulling it out might be the most embarrassing thing according to people who accidentally see you doing it. Besides all the embarrassment, don't you think that letting it just sink is more irritating than pulling it out at once. Whoa! It is such a relief!

Just wear the pair that you found on the floor

Hasn't it happened to you many times that you had a long week and when you wake up late on the weekend, you find your room in a mess? Well, this happens to me all the time. In order to be on time for your Saturday plans, you just look around and pick up anything that comes first in the radius. This is totally normal my friend! Until and unless that pair of g-string or fashionably hot looking lace jockstrap has not worn been worn by you the entire week or stained.

No underwear

How do you feel when you take off your underneath fashion and mover around? The guys who love to go commando say that it's extremely comfortable to be without one. However, it has its own consequences for which you must not be without something between your pants and privates. The solution to this that I have opted is to sleep naked, but carry the most functional pair throughout the day. What do you think? My piece of advice? You needn't worry about these habits. There are chances that many guys out there possess the same. So, go on and choose your kind of pair at Mensuas and do let us know your views on the "weird" habit in the comments below. Read Also:
6 comments on Some strange underwear habits that are totally normal
  • Dan
    DanJune 27, 2018

    In agreement, fully. Sleep naked, always have. Commando is cool but hot undies sets a good mood initially. I’ve never sniffed my undies but have sniffed others. It’s great sites like yours offer so many very erotic indies.

  • Scott
    ScottJune 14, 2018

    I did not any of this strange, I have done all of what was mentioned and same with my roomates.

  • Ed
    EdJuly 04, 2017

    I have always gone commando and enjoyed the freedom and swing of things! Even when I got married, I was naked underneath and my bride new it when she looked at me when she saw me standing at the alter. She loved it too seeing other guys stareing at my package during the reception. No shame felt here when I whiff used indies. After the workout gym lockerroom underwear left on the floor entices me.

  • Alec Le Feur
    Alec Le FeurJanuary 13, 2017

    I am a young, athletic and well hung guy. I only wear briefs that give me full-frontal exposure. I wear fitted light colored pants and shorts as I need obvious exposure.

  • Mason Bailey
    Mason BaileyJuly 05, 2016

    Tell me something new. What is so different about it? I always knew it is normal. How can things that I do be abnormal. It’s absolutely normal and I know it.

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