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Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief Jock Briefs

Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief Pistol Pete Rookie Jock Brief Looking for the hottest men's jock briefs? Pistol Pete Rookie jock brief is the most revolutionary pair of men's underwear today. It is a perfect combination of comfort, support and protection for the male anatomy.

The jock-brief or jock brief is new mash-up style that is part brief underwear and part jockstrap. Invented by the fashion label Baskit, this style but it has now become hugely popular and now most underwear designers have jock-briefs as part of their collections. In most cases, a jock-brief has a wide front typical of most briefs that run around the back and split to become straps of a typical jockstrap.

While Pistol Pete is considered the hottest, there are other brands like Good Devil, Timoteo and more at Mensuas which craft sexy and functional pairs.

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