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Men's Underwear Fabrics You Must Know About (Part 1)

It is always good to keep some handy information before you step out into the shopping world of men's underwear. Wait! This blog is not at all about the shopping tips because we've already talked about them earlier. This blog talks about various fabrics available in men's designer underwear and what all you should know about them. Let's look at some of the most widely used fabrics in men's apparels at Mensuas.


Cotton has been there for the longest of time and still is the most widely preferred choice for intimate apparel for men. The fabric is popular for it's huge advantages like sweat absorbency and inexpensive textile. It is treated in order to make it useful and lightweight. The only disadvantage of the super comfortable fabric is that it shrinks with time. To attain a certain level of comfort and make it more durable, and lightweight the fabric is treated and is further divided into:
  1. Pima Cotton
  2. Ring Spun Cotton
  3. Organic Cotton
  4. Supima Cotton.


This is yet another ancient fabric I have found in most of the men's apparels. The features that make it the survivor in the industry is its appeal, durability and light weight. Nylon also has shrink resistant qualities which leads to a perfect shape of the underwear, even after several washes. The exceptional benefits of men's nylon underwear are found in men's apparel styles such as men's bikini underwear, men's brief underwear, boxer briefs, and many more.


Modal is the next best fabric that provides the soothing effect on the body. It is a man-made fiber that was introduced as a cheaper version of silk. It is less expensive, smooth and extremely breathable. It does not shrink like cotton, but spills whatever liquids come in contact with the fabric.


Made in the laboratory, this man-made fabric was made keeping the needs of the male anatomy as priority. With durability, quick drying, ability to hold color exceptionally well, shrink resistance and wrinkle resistance as the key features of polyester; it serves to be perfect for men's fashion underwear.


This universal fabric is found in some way, shape or form in every pair of men's underwear. Spandex's quality of providing the right stretch is what makes it so popular in the underwear industry. It is more durable than rubber and can be worn with every possible fabric known to man. These are the basic fabrics known to man and the ones you should know about. Feel that there are some fabrics missing? For the next slot of fabrics you keep watching this place. Till then, you can shop the above mentioned fabrics in various styles such as men's briefs, men's boxer briefs, men's bikinis, jockstraps, men's g-strings and more at Read Also:

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