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Best Underwear styles - What Mensuas has for you all?

When you say "best men's underwear styles", what is that comes to your mind first? We, believe that no matter what you're looking for and no matter what your definition about the same is - Mensuas has it for you. You might just think that how does it even matter because whatever style you wear, it generally stays inside without coming into anyone's notice at all. But, if you haven't worn anything from the designer brands available at the online store - you haven't experienced the best yet. So, what does Mensuas has for you all?? Find them below.

Designs that you ALL love

You might be the one who likes to pick the subtlest of designs like stripes or solids whereas; you might be the one who likes to keep it quite intriguing down there with geometrical prints, Aztec print, and more. There's always something for you at the store. The designs are loved by EVERY personality for their uniqueness and stylishness. You too can pick what serves as a highlight for your best assets.

Gamut of brands

You cannot ignore the collection of brands that the store has. In order to get you the attention you deserve, there's Calvin Klein, 2xist, Pistol Pete, Daddy Underwear, Good Devil, Miami Jock, and about 50 others to expand your reach of selection for your fashion underwear styles. The designers know what looks good and makes sure to keep up with the latest trends. The new arrivals are edgy and matchless, giving every age group a chance to have a stylish below the belt. Which brand do you prefer??

Best quality fabrics

Every man has his own preferences when it comes to undergarments and the fabrics. While some men prefer cotton, some look forward to the advantages of nylon underwear and others choose polyester, polyamide, sheer, lace, satin and more. The list of fabrics is endless and you have all of them under one roof. The products available at the store are made with high-quality fabrics to keep up with the level of comfort.

Comfort is the key for the store

When one talks about comfort, it can be anything - the feeling below the belt or even the comfort of shopping online. Mensuas takes care of both the aspects to the best. The underwear styles are multi-purpose and can be worn wherever and whenever without fear of chafing and itching. On the other hand, the seamless process of searching, adding to the cart and making the payment of the product is worked on.

There's something for every occasion

When you have the capability to do something - you should talk about it and that's why saying that the brands at Mensuas feature products that can be worn for all the occasions. Whether you are an athlete or a businessman, they have got you covered. You can pick and choose from the conventional men's briefs to jockstrap underwear or even male thongs, the list is quite long.

Designed for the wearer

Every person is different and so are their likes. If you are adventurous, we have got designs in loud colors and patterns. If you are a sophisticated one - there's something in lighter hues with minimal or no prints at all.

Value for money

What calls for online shopping? It is the value for money and the massive discounts one get from the same. Hence, Mensuas makes sure that you do not regret your decision to buy something from the store when it comes to the pricing. We make sure that what you buy, how you buy and once the package has been delivered to you - the experience is extraordinary. Also Read:

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One thought on “Best Underwear styles - What Mensuas has for you all?

  1. avatar Jan Jepsen says:

    Thanks for a super blog. First of All, What’s the issue of this comment? varicose veins in testicles! Ever heard of that? Me neither, until I got strucked. It comes to men commonly in the mid age. No one ever told me that. You can’t see it, because it is inside your testicles. What are the conceqences? After a long day of work, about 4 am, I get pain in my testicles. Like someone kicked you in the balls, when it’s worst. I have had this suffering in about 6 years now, and I wonder who else having this suffering? (kind of tabu I think). To make every thing worse, varicose veins can, when it is most worse, cause blood in your sperm. A kind of small bleeding near sperm veins. It takes about one week to clear out the sperm, if you have had a bleeding. It means, you have to masturbate once a day, in seven days, to clear out, to reach normal colour of sperm. If you have been bleeding, sperm turns brown. My first thought when it happened, was cancer. But it happily wasn’t. So I have actually been wearing thongs on and off, in about 25 years now. It actually started as a sexual thing, but I soon found out that comfort was quite better as “normal” underwear. Now I wear them all the time. It is very difficult to by online, because you can’t for real, feel the fabric, or with your own eyes and hands, see if they fit.

    Thongs with the right shape, makes the pain go away. I have now none. Protrude is the best for me. By the way, I always wear them inside out. Why? Because they then get seemless :-) Oh my good, I have spent a fortune to find the right brand, shape, size and fabric. I personally don’t like cotton. Sweat can’t get away from the crack of my butt. So I have also become a specialist of mix of fabrics too :-) It usually turns into sheer fabrics. That becomes an issue if I have to strip down to sports, doctor or every where else, you strip down your clothes. I have come to the point, that I really don’t care anymore, what people might think. You can freely use any of my experiences. Have a great day, and keep blogging. Best regards Jan Jepsen

    I found your blog in the bottom of my email. Your blog are not to be found on your website (mobile). There are also no buttons for sharing on social media.

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