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Austin Wilde And Anthony Romero

XXX Porn Stars Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero did a sexy photoshoot with Creative Director Timoteo Ocampo, the man behind Timoteo men's underwear for CellBlock 13. Showcased in the football locker room, both the guys took no time in steaming up the lens of the camera with their sexy poses and irresistibly erotic looks.

"Both these guys are super sexy in person and great guys to work with," said Timoteo about the shoot. The shoot was about the collection of CellBlock 13 football range that included Football Shorts, Mechanic Briefs, men's jockstrap underwear and more. Let us take a glimpse at the photos.Photoshoot Photoshoot Photoshoot PhotoshootLoved them? They surely are tempting and desirable, and supportive and manly. Check out the collection by CellBlock13.

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