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A Look At Men's Underwear Drawer

Are you fetish about clothing? Or to be more specific, are you a shopaholic who's crazy about collecting underwear? With numerous styles of men's underwear available today, modern men are very particular of what they buy, what style is meant for which occasion, which underwear is best for them and so on. Men who love to shop for their intimate apparel have more number of pairs of undies than the number of days in a year. Today, lets's take a sneak peek into a man's underwear wardrobe and see the different styles and brands. As you can see above in the photo, one of the fellow men who love to buy underwear for him has a stocked drawer that has all the handsome colors and brands. For someone like him, the underwear styles available in this drawer range from plain white briefs to neon green and orange boxer shorts. These shelves look as if the pairs are meant for everyday wear with a few exceptions.

Men's Underwear Styles:

  1. Briefs
  2. Bikinis
  3. Jockstraps
  4. Thongs
  5. G-Strings
  6. C-Strings
  7. Boxer Shorts
  8. Boxer Briefs
On the other hand, let's take a look at another drawer that has been properly stocked and kept. At Mensuas, you'll get every pair of men's designer underwear; from sophisticated to sexy, functional to showy, under wraps to full exposure and many more. The various designers come together under one roof to provide the best feeling of comfort and style for the fashion-conscious men.

Men's Underwear Brands:

Some of the very popular brands available at Mensuas which design pure luxury pieces that brighten up the wardrobe are:
  1. Good Devil- The brand name itself says it, and so do the products.
  2. Cover Male- One of the sexiest brands
  3. Agacio- The most comfortable brand
  4. Candyman- The brand provokes fun-fashion.
  5. Miami Jock- The brand is outrageous yet functional.
There are many more brands with a distinct feature. They have a unique assortment for every taste and like. Your underwear wardrobe defines your personality. The darker shades you stock, more manly (or for some'boring') is your personality, on the other hand, the more vibrant colors, and you tend to have a charming/lively persona. If you have a collection of boxers, boxer briefs or something that gives ample coverage, you are someone who is conservative, shy, and do not like experimenting whereas, if you own a stock of skimpy strings such as thongs, g-strings, and c-strings you are experimental, outrageous as well as sexy. Hence, every underwear drawer says a lot about you and your personality. For a better look at the various styles by numerous brands, check out the inventory at and start shaping up your personality. Related Stories:

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