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7 reasons that makes Cotton Underwear incomparable

7 reasons that makes Cotton Underwear incomparable

Cotton was the only fabric used in crafting the undergarment for men initially. However, the classic discussion of flirtatious or functional led to the introduction of many other fabric options. Some of the modern materials such as silk, leather, and others were used for making undies for men who wanted sex appeal. While the male population looking for comfort and support stayed with men's underwear styles made of cotton. However, the cotton underwear is back in vogue and are a better option for every man around as they offer both style and practical approach. It won't be wrong to state that these skivvies cater to every underneath need and wants of the male population. Despite the presence of so many options in this category, the cotton undies remain ahead of the mainstream and incomparable. Wanna know how? Here are some of the reasons that make them different.

They are comfortable

One of the prominent factors that make the undies crafted from cotton superior is the comfort that it offers to the wearer. Cotton is undoubtedly the king of fabrics. The soft texture and air circulation down there is the best option to pamper your manhood. The underwear touches the most sensitive portion of the human body. Thus, the fabric is the key deciding factor. The air pores in cotton aid ventilation, while the smooth texture takes care of the skin. The breezy undies allow air circulation that reduces sweat retention and skin problems, such as rashes and itchiness, related to it.

Available in varied options

This was the only fabric used in making undergarments earlier. Moreover, there were just a handful of options available in the intimate apparel category. However, you can find a range of varied styles that includes the conventional boxers briefs, briefs, men's bikini, thongs, and even jockstraps. Thus, you need not compromise the style for comfort. The array of choices available in the category of cotton underwear, allows you to explore every aspect of underneath fashion. You can even try the outrageous g-strings for men with much-needed comfort.


The embarrassment of the unwanted holes in the undergarment is something that every man can relate to. Washing the undies is a tricky affair as they wear out soon. Machine washing is not recommended when it comes to undies. However, the skivvies made of cotton make laundry a cinch for men. The tenacity of cotton is 3-5 gm/den. Moreover, the wet strength of cotton is 20%, which is higher than dry strength. Hence, it can withstand high tension as well as machine cleaning. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent in doing laundry. Moreover, it fabric ensures the durability of the undergarment even after multiple washes.


Cotton is a natural fiber and contains no chemicals. Moreover, it retains it's a strength even when after multiple uses. Thus, the undies made of this fabric are durable and long-lasting. The toughness of fiber is increased in water. The cotton molecules can easily resist heat damage, so, it can even be dried in the hot dryer. However, there are certain things that you should avoid doing with your undies. Leaving them in the direct rays of the sun for long is one such thing as cotton tends to wrinkle and shrink after washing.

Reduces abrasion

Abrasion is one of the biggest drawbacks of men's underwear. The fabric of the underneath apparel that leads to sticking and squashing is followed other related issues. The abrasion raises the temperature of testicles and leads to sweating. The moisture retention is one of the root causes of rashes and itchiness. Cotton not only keeps it airy down there but are abrasion-resistant as well. Reduction in squashing is not cozier, but functional as well. The reduction in body temperature prevents the testicle from heating and thus reduces the risk of low sperm count in the wearer. Thus, cotton underwear is a practical option for every man around.


The skivvies made of the high-quality fabric is a versatile option to be worn, irrespective of the occasion and event. As mentioned above, these skivvies are available in varied cuts and styles. So, you can have jockstraps while working out, men's briefs for the long working hours as well as sexy panties for men for the romantic date nights. The highly functional fabric takes good care of your masculinity, regardless of the occasion. Not only this, the fabric is ideal for all seasons. So, you don't have to shop for new undies for different weather. These skivvies will serve in all through the year.


Cotton is not very stretchy. This led to inconvenience to the wearer initially. However, nowadays the fabric composition includes the right proportion of spandex, elastane or LYCRA. The pinch of spandex adds to the stretchiness of the undergarment and allows easy leg movement. The tough fabric reduces sagging and keeps the underwear in the right place all day long while the presence elastane makes it flexible at the same time.

These are some of the reasons why men prefer cotton underwear. Which is your favorite underwear? Share with us in the comments below.

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