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6 Reasons to Sleep Naked

Who loves doing anything more than sleeping? I don't think many of you would have a better weekend plan rather than spending hours or probably the entire day in bed. I have friends who would eat, watch TV, work (if any) and do everything else in the bed too. You know what I mean, right? Sleeping adequately is what many doctors prescribe because that leads to a healthy mind and body throughout the day. Sleeping naked would come across as a way of getting intimate for some, but it has other benefits as well. That's exactly we'll be talking about in this blog.
  1. Saves money: Now you might think how would sleeping naked save money? Well, if you don't wear anything while sleeping, you wouldn't have to buy sleepwear for yourself. Hence, money saved! In addition, if it is only about saving, then it does save your additional time in doing laundry as well as saves space in your cupboard too. Don't you think so?
  2. Chances of losing weight: According to some studies, it has been proven that when you sleep without clothes, your body temperature dips and in order to get you back to the optimum room temperature, the cells have to work harder. As a result, you might lose weight because of the hardworking metabolism. I guess you should start sleeping naked now.
  3. Makes you less angry: With all the constrictive clothes that you wear throughout the day including the layers and the men's underwear as well as others, it makes you cringe by the end of the day. Ask women how heavenly they feel when they get rid of their bra once they're home. It is the best ever feeling for men too when you can slip into the boxers and not even them when you get into bed. The happiness makes you a better person overall.
  4. Better sex life: There wasn't any doubt about this one and I know you guys saw this coming. You naked, she naked, you both get to touch each other, skin to skin and the release of oxytocin will surely get you back to making love to each other. It'll be a great feeling for you as well as for your partner because this would make your relationship stronger and sexier.
  5. Rejuvenates your skin: Just like I mentioned in the earlier point that your body gets to breathe and you become a happy person overall, this too is something for the same with a different benefit. When you take off those layers of clothes, your manhood, armpits, and also feet are the happiest parts. When you face chafing, being naked during the night heals your rashes and makes your skin feel loved.
  6. Help prevent aging faster: Have you ever heard something like this? Well, if you keep the body temperature below 65 degrees, you give a chance to your body to age slower. Melatonin and growth hormones are the most active during the night and help the aging process go slower. This is surely convincing for most of us.
Aren't the benefits just way too convincing? Sleeping naked is what every man and woman must try doing (if it permits) but as a man, you need to keep the manhood supported and protected during the day time. You can read my blog on reasons why one mustn't go commando here. Liked This? You'll Like These Too:

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