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What are the Benefits of Wearing Men's Thongs?

You all must have heard about thongs and specifically female ones but men's thong underwear is somewhat a taboo in some places whereas; the others have accepted it with open arms. Thong is one of the most revealing style of men's underwear known to mankind and is gaining momentum rapidly all over the world. Sexy apparel is popular for its tiny construction, lot of exposure, breathability and ample amount of comfort. With all the basic information being provided to you about thongs; let us look at the advantages of being in men's thong.


  • Comfortable:

    Men might find these pairs to be more comfortable than the rest as there's less fabric, they're lightweight and breathable than other styles like men's boxer briefs, men's bikinis etc.
  • Confidence:

    When you're wearing these men's sexy underwear, you have secret to hide that makes you feel more confident and desirable. Since there is less fabric under the pants and you know there'll be nothing that'll pay a visit from the pants; you'll be all happy and confident.
  • Enhancement:

    With just the required amount of fabric on the front and rear for the show, exotic underwear enhances the suppleness of your buttocks. It makes them look fuller and round.
  • Sensuality:

    Men love thongs as much as women and when the idea is to set the mood for the evening; there cannot be a better option that being these skimpy underwear.
  • Prevent underwear lines:

    No coverage, no fabric leads to no nasty underwear lines that keep coming up from your tight pants or lowers.
  • Raise your sex appeal:

    If you're a guy who wants to feel sexy with what you already have or want to have a great time of intimacy, it is highly recommended that you get yourself men's thong .
  • Feeling of freedom:

    The construction of the entire piece has just a narrow fabric on the front that holds the boy together and keeps it minimal over all.
With all the advantages being talked about; we must see the other side of the thongs as well.


  • Infection:

    They are more prone to transport bacterial and fungal infection than any other men's designer underwear style.
  • Irritation:

    Guys with sensitive might face a problem with thongs as the tiny apparel rides up the butts and cause irritation. However, the right fabric would minimize the irritation and you will easily adapt the comfort of a thong.
Whether you love them or hate them, thongs are here to stay and the regular thong wearers have a lot to say in praise of the style and its comfort. There are various brands such as Agacio, Good Devil, Daniel Alexander, Cover Male, Intymen, Miami Jock and so many more. Check out the wide range to get thong underwear collection in trendy looks. Read about your favorite Mens Underwear style here.

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2 thoughts on “What are the Benefits of Wearing Men's Thongs?

  1. avatar George says:

    Mens Thong underwear is what I needed. I purchased this underwear reading the blog and must say it is superb. I am very impressed with the fabric quality and the best thing is that this underwear hides the panty lines very well.

  2. avatar Ad says:

    Thongs are most sexy looking underwear. I use it since last 15 years. My life partner love me in it

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