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Let Your Manhood Breathe With Agacio Striped Brief

The recently introduced vibrant collection by Agacio is being appreciated by all of it wearers for the level of comfort it provides the manhood, as well as the handsomely new designed stripes by the brand. The new range of men's brief underwear by Agacio is appealing to the eye and is equally functional. Agacio AG6817 briefs are one of those desirable pieces.

About the product

The Agacio Striped Brief Navy are a pair of true men's underwear. These men's fashion underwear covers the assets and still brings out the manhood definition in the best possible way. Fabric composition of 70% polyamide, 22% polyester and 8% spandex is an exceptional combination that provides for bigger room for comfort and a fair amount of stretchable movement. Stripes are vibrant and alluring to the blue background. Sexy underwear is available at Mensuas at a deliciously low-price of $18.50.

What we like?


The pouch is the center of attraction in the brief. Though it is solid, but the commendable reviews by the wearers make it all the more important. The pouch has bigger room for breathability, which allows the male anatomy to take its shape accordingly without forcing it to adjust to the shape of the pouch. However, this does not affect the supportive and enhancing ability of the underwear.

Fabric Composition:

The incorporation of three fabrics together provide an ultra-smooth and comfortable feel on the skin. Polyamide and polyester have exceptional moisture wicking qualities with other commendable characteristic traits. Spandex in a moderate amount provides good stretch without giving a sagging feeling.


Agacio has tried to experiment with colors for the first time (including other new arrivals) and has done a commendable job introducing various shades in the inventory. The design is kept basic with blue base and designer stripes of black and white all over. Some strips of white mesh have also been incorporated to give it a sexy touch. The low resting brief makes sure your hard earned abs are showed off well. The repeating'Agacio' logo elastic waistband keeps everything together in one place without losing grip of the men's exotic underwear.

One of the wearers reviewed it as:

"It's like wearing nothing! This underwear is so comfortable, it is like wearing nothing. Plenty of room in the pouch and the sizing are just right."

What we don't like?

Like the other products I have mentioned, the tiny brand tag on the rear caused a little problem for the wearers. It is advised them to remove the tag manually if it itches and causes trouble. Hence, the Agacio Striped Brief Navy is a desirable product with remarkable qualities and compositions that make it apt for everyday appeal. Apparel provides the support and comfort for any schedule and goes along well with any kind of clothing. Do let us know about the feeling of the wear on the body if you already have bought these pieces and/or how do you expect it to be in the comments section below. Related Stories:

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