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5 Myths about Men's Brief that needs to be Debunked

5 Myths about Men's Brief that needs to be Debunked

Ever since it's inception in the 1930s, the men's brief has been one of the popular styles among the male population. The form-fitting cut of the underwear was a practical alternative to the boxer shorts as it kept the genital of the wearer in a relatively fixed position. Moreover, the boxers often ride up adding to uneasiness. The snug-fit style of briefs featured high cuts that remained in the right position, irrespective of what the wearer is doing. All these positives made this style of men's underwear a prominent name in the wardrobe of every household.

However, every sort of modernization is accompanied by a lot of misconceptions and stigmas. Men's briefs are no different. Even this style of underneath article has been subjected to a few taboos. Here's a list of some of the common beliefs about the clothing style that are just myths along with the actual reality behind them. Agacio Brief Underwear

Myths: Briefs lead to sticking and squashing

Reality: This is a fact that briefs were designed to keep the package snugly together. The Y-front of the traditional tighty-whiteys kept the manhood very close to the body that led to squashing. However, with the changing technology and as per the requirement of the male population, these undies are now designed with a much anatomical pouch. The modern skivvies feature contouring pouch that holds the junk together, but keeps it away from the body. Bundling the package in an elevated position, the underwear reduces abrasion and squashing ultimately. Moreover, it depends on the size that you choose as well. Select the right fit of the underwear so that the spacious pouch allows your manhood to breathe.

Myths: Briefs lowers fertility of the wearer

Reality: This is one of the most prevalent misconceptions of all time. The tight briefs have always been accused of reducing sperm count in men, thus, leading to infertility and other related issues. According to Wikipedia, the Journal of Urology, in October 1998, concluded that the underwear type is unlikely to have a significant effect on the fertility of an individual. It is, in fact, caused by lifestyle, stress level, and eating habits. However, studies have found that very tight underwear squashes the manhood. The abrasion raises the temperature and heat of testicles and reduces the sperm count. This can happen with any underwear style and not just briefs. So, whether you are going for the outrageous thongs for men or the traditional boxer briefs, make sure that you choose the right fit.

Intymen BriefsMyths: It can be worn during workouts

Reality: The form-fitting style made is common and a popular choice among the male population who participated in athletic activities. However, back then there were not many options available in the intimate apparel category for men that would offer more support than the loose-fitting undies. There are undies specifically designed for the purpose of the sports, like jockstrap underwear and boxer briefs. These skivvy styles provide much-needed support, as well as the pouch, protect genital while undergoing rigorous physical activities. Choosing one underwear style for every occasion is the biggest mistake of men. Select the undergarment that is specially designed for strenuous activities.

Myths: Briefs are not as supportive as boxer briefs

Reality: boxer briefs are one of the most used underwear styles. Having the positives of both boxers and briefs, this underneath article is considered to the best-seller, to date. However, most men think that the briefs are not as supportive as the former one. The modern underwear styles for men are designed keeping in mind the need and requirement of the male population. With technological advancements, these skivvies are as supportive as any other style. So, it can be worn at the workplace, for parties as well as for special romantic getaways.

Intymen Brief Underwear

Myths: The tighty-whiteys are the only type of briefs

Reality: The conventional briefs were known as tighty-whiteys. However, these are not the only brief available in the market. The industry these days are flooded with the undies in varied options. There are some briefs that are crafted in exotic fabrics such as lace, sheer, and mesh. The lace underwear is a perfect option for every style-savvy man. While the see-through underwear is designed to surface the hidden desires of the wearer. You can even procure your style in varied color options as well as prints. Unlike the tighty-whiteys, some of the undies even feature low-rise and mid-rise fit that adds to the style as well as functionality.

Ditch the myths and you can actually build your entire wardrobe around men's briefs. Are you inline with these realities? Drop us a comment below.

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