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Halloween Costumes - Where did all start?

Now that we've started our trail of discussing and celebrating every holiday with our readers, Halloween is the next in the queue that certainly is one of the most favorite days or nights looked forward to by young and old. Where in the last blog we talked about what you can actually do, this one will be more specific about one of the most important aspects of Halloween 2017.

Of the many best-loved traditions in America, slipping into costumes is one of the most loved among both men and women. As you know, people start thinking about what will they be on Halloween all year long and finally make all the minutest of preparations to rock their look and get the attention you deserve.halloween costumes of 16th century The collection of men's costumes available online today was not there a few years ago.

Now you must be thinking where did it all start? Yes, you should be thinking about this because being one of the essential traditions you should have a fair idea about how it all started.

Let us take a brief look at the timeline of the Halloween costumes through the years.

16th century

When Samhain was popularized, years later in the 16th century when mumming and guising saw an upsurge. Both the rituals basically meant that people had to dress up in different costumes and go door-to-door singing songs.

In return, the house owners would give them food or money for their performance. During this time, the costumes were majorly made of animal skin and heads. The idea of wearing animal skin and masks was to deceive the ghosts to be animals and not humans.

19th century

This was the time when the trick-or-treating came to the younger generation. While they dressed up as spooky beings with blackened faces, this was the time when the trick-or-treating was more of mischief rather than playful and custom. Kids would literally play pranks on people who shooed them away empty-handed. In the year 1911, North America saw its first recorded version of kids guising and going around asking for treats.

19th century halloween costumes

Being a revolutionary century, America also saw and celebrated its first costume parade where a lot of people participated with zest.


There were numerous changes during the course of history. The creepy and scary costumes became more of naughty and spookalicious ones that made everyone else also be one of them.

Now you'd find bloodthirsty vampires, moaning ghosts, vicious werewolves, superheroes like Batman, Spiderman & more, Dracula, Inmates, and so many others walking around celebrating the holiday.

today hallooween century costumes

Dressing in costumes gives one the opportunity to "let them step out of their personality" and be someone else for a while, all in good fun of course.  

What are you going to be this Halloween? Let us know.

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