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5 Extraordinary Facts about Halloween

If you're looking to have your spookiest night of the year, then you must get deep into the scary facts about the festival. Falling on 31st October this year, some people believe that even today spirits come out to catch their prey. I guess you already knew this. However, do you really know all about Halloween? Well, All Hallow's Eve approaches and you must know the deepest and scariest facts about the same. Bet you didn't know about the facts we'll be talking about. But, if you know them, you truly know what Halloween is all about.
  1. Halloween is the second highest grossing holiday: According to a survey done, it was stated that Halloween is the second highest grossing holiday of the year. It has to be! Why so? Because people of all age groups come forward to celebrate the occasion with full enthusiasm and zest. With all the Jack-O'-Lanterns, costumes, decorating items available in the market, what do you think is going to be the most earning festival? Coming to costumes, you can find all the kinds of outfits available online. From Dracula to witches, even men's underwear styles have been designed to make the personal time spooky as well as playful.
  2. Names of the festival: You might know the festival with the name All Hallow's Eve or Halloween, but there's more to the event. Some of the other names you can find are- Samhain, All Hallowtide, The Feast of the Dead, the Day of the Dead (Mexico), All Souls Day (England), Pitru Paksha (India), Eid-il-Burbara (Lebanon), Obon Festival (Japan). Though the dates of the different places may differ, but they all are about honoring the dead in their own customs.
  3. Jack-O'-Lanterns were never the same: If you look up in the history, you'd find that Jack-O'-Lanterns were not always made out of huge pumpkins. In fact, according to the Irish legends the first Jack-O'-Lantern was made out of turnips. Eventually, people also used potatoes and finally settled with the pumpkins. Did you know that the legends speak about where the name actually came from? It was named after a stingy man named Jack tricked the devil numerous times and was forbidden to enter into both heaven and hell. He was condemned to wander the Earth, waving his lantern to lead people away from their paths.
  4. No cat adoption on Halloween: It is said, that cats were related to the witches and were a sign of witchcraft. Though it is not very certain of the fact that are cats actually sacrificed on the occasion of Halloween. However, numerous pet shelters prohibit cat adoption because they believe them to be sacrificed on the Halloween Day.
  5. Dress up to avoid ghosts: The costumes tradition started off from the ancient Celtic times where people were dressed up in strange costumes. That's not the end! The reason behind doing so was to shoo away the actual ghost and spirits out of town. The Celts believed that disguising themselves this way would allow them to escape the notice of the real spirits wandering the streets during Samhain.
Having known these facts, do let us know you feedback in the comments below. If you want to know what you can do this Halloween, check out my blog here. Liked This? You'll Like These Too:

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