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What to Do this Columbus Day?

Have you started preparing for the commencement of the festive season this year? With the chain of festivals starting from the Columbus Day, you have a long list of events to follow up. For now, you should get ready to celebrate Columbus Day 2016. Talking specifically about the USA, there's a lot you can do to participate in the celebrations. Firstly, do you know why we actually celebrate Columbus Day? The day honors Christopher Columbus's sighting of America on 12th October 1492. The holiday is observed in the states of United States, some parts of Canada, Puerto Rico and a few cities in Spain and Italy. However, if you go deeper into the history, you'll find that Columbus was not the first explorer to set foot in the Western Hemisphere, his landing at San Salvador or the Bahamas is what makes it important. Also known as the Discovery Day, there's a lot to be done on this exploratory festival. Let us look at the things that you can do on Columbus Day this 10th October 2016.

Be a part of movements

You must be having numerous small movements that work for the betterment of the society near you. Join them and be a part of making the world a better place to live in. Make sure that you choose the one that actually works for the betterment rather than having undercover aims which are not of the best interest of people.

Join the parade

NYC is hosting a parade for the man who discovered America. You can be a part of the Columbus Day parade that is dedicated to the Italian-American heritage. Starting early, make sure you reach on time because the beginning should never be missed.

Hold discussions and quizzes

Well, when you stay in a society, it is your duty to actively participate in the happenings of the society. You be a privileged citizen, can hold discussions and fun quizzes on the occasion. Though, it is not important for you to keep it Columbus Day related; you can include the variety of topics (with the day) and talk about it.

Make the most of it by shopping

With online stores giving away lavish discounts on their goods and services, it is your opportunity to bag them. For example, Mensuas is allowing their customers to shop anything and everything from the site at a grand discount of Up To 60%. You can buy your favorite pairs of men's fashion underwear styles at the price of peanuts. With this, you can easily enjoy the festival and also be a part of the same. Happy Columbus Day fellas!!

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