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How to celebrate Columbus Day 2017?

How do you celebrate Columbus Day?

Remember we talked about something similar last year when Columbus Day 2016 had arrived? Monday, the 9th of October 2017 will be a historic day for sure.

Talking about historic day does not mean that you really have to discover things, but it certainly means that the day has left a long-lasting impact on how things are today. Moreover, where there are people still discussing whether they should be calling the respective day as Columbus Day or not, we are here with all the preparations set that would help you celebrate the day with full enthusiasm and zest.

If you take a look back, the day is celebrated commemorating Christopher Columbus discovering America in 1492. However, the problem occurred when it was realized that the country was already discovered long back and Columbus had made its visit here for the first time. Keeping all the facts at bay as of now, let's focus on what you can do in order to keep the day happy and peppy.

Get to know the history

If you really want to know what things were back then and how things have changed since then, nothing would be better than going ahead and getting down to history. With so much advancement in technology made available to us, you can search the world wide web or pick an e-book to read about the same.

What can be a better way than getting to know your country and its values deeply?

Spend time with your family

A federal holiday is more of a break from the hectic schedules and rest at home. What can be a better celebration that spending time with your family? You can even set up a barbecue inviting all your family & friends at home and have a gala time with them. Let the music be there, everyone should have a glass of wine with good meat to eat, but as a host, you deserve all the attention.

Head for a long weekend

Would you be interested in spicing up your love life by taking your partner out-of-the-town for a long weekend? Being a Monday, you get to have Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with you. You can pick a nearby destination that you like and is romantic. Pack in some good clothes, accessories and sexy men's underwear and go ahead. Make your days off an avid traveler while the nights are for fun.

How are you planning to spend your Columbus Day? Have any plans?? Do let us know in the comments below.

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