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Columbus Day and the American culture of shopping!!

Columbus Day and the American culture of shopping!!

Well, we know how much hard work you do for the hard cash and we trust you on spending that money with optimization but there are some known facts that are not popular amongst us. So, to make things even better, this blog will give you all the information you need to enrich your festival season with happiness.

There is a saying that money cannot buy happiness, this may be right for many people but for some, it may be contradictory. It’s a vicious cycle. One day you are a child and you get a nicely packed gift on a holiday which your parents paid for and the next day you are out in the mall choosing a gift for your child. These captured moments are worth your hard-earned money. And can never be compared by some materialistic things. Before moving any further let us take a leap into the past and learn something about Sir Christopher Columbus and its legacy.

Columbus and its legacy:

Known by world travelers, Columbus was a person with certain ambitions and perspectives. Ambition to connect the world when there was nothing to communicate with. Only because of him and travelers like him that chose to drop out of the safety net, we can see a possibly connected world.

The celebration of Columbus Day goes back to the 1400s when Sir Christopher Columbus took off on a voyage to some countries of America from Europe. He set sail across the Atlantic Ocean in search of the faster route to the “NEW WORLD”. The day he stepped foot on American soil was October 12 of the year 1492, since then we are celebrating Columbus Day and look towards this holiday as a symbol of patriotism.

Today we are here not to learn only about Columbus Day, but about the American Culture, we have grown into. The culture of celebrations, parades, Sales, Exploiting those sales, and whatnot.

So, let us discuss some of the well-proven yet uncommon facts that may help you in making these precious moments happen more often.

Keep a tab on your expenditure:

This may sound basic to most of you but a few know the value of keeping a tab. I suppose people who are filthy rich are not reading this and evidently, they don’t need to, but people like us have a hard way ahead of us and there is no harm in getting the best out of it. A festival brings happiness but also brings the burden of expenses. Keeping a tab means that you have a sufficient calculation of your daily expenses. This gives you an idea of how much you spend every month and accordingly, some expenses can be spared and in no time, you have a pretty good amount saved.

Be modest not a miser:

Some of you may be confused by how I asked to save in the above paragraph and now I ask you to spend. There is a fine line between spending and blowing money. And the one who gets it wins the race to this. You need things to pamper yourself, your loved ones, your children, and saving from that does not make you wise. So, exploit yourself sometimes and make the best out of what you have. After all, you are saving to spend that on something that makes you happy.

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Understand what you need and what you don’t:

There are times when we make some foolish expenses and lag behind our essentials. We need to understand what is essential for us and what’s not. And we need to spend so that you are forced to spend on important things at first and other not so important stuff at last. For example, when shopping essential you cannot miss out on men's underwear styles for yourself. However, you can miss out on other things which you think are not essential for your personality.

These were some important and proven facts that would help you manage your greens in an efficient and optimized way in a holiday season. Following these would put you in an uncomfortable zone which would push you to save more but, in the end, it is all about making ends meet and still be happy. So, get out there and pamper yourself with the riches of this modern and fashionable world.

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