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Various Colors of Christmas and their Meaning

You must have seen that the Christmas season brings along the beauty of red , green and golden. The iconic colors have been passed onto from the ancient times and are still considered to be equally popular. You get the Christmas feels when you step out of the house and find the world painted red and green. Don't you? Well, with a series of Christmas blogs on Mensuas, this comes as another informative piece of information that'll help you enrich your knowledge about the best holiday of the year. This blog would lay out all the colors that are prominent during the season and would also lay out their meaning for to have a better understanding of the same.

Evergreen green

You might have seen Christmas tree, Holly leaves, Mistletoe and other green aspects. These aspects or traditions have been passed on to us and have been used by our forefathers and their forefathers for the decoration purposes. Green represents the cycle of life and spiritual renewal. According to legends, people in the older times decorated their homes and the surroundings with this color to avoid dark winters. A better look at the history would also reveal that Romans exchanged the color for good luck.

Passion red

The next big color that you'll find popular on Christmas is the passionate red. Whether it is the Santa's attire or Rudolph the RED nose Reindeer, red is considered to be very auspicious for the holiday. Red color not only brings joy to people's faces, you'd find that winter greenery bears red fruits. For example, Holly leaves bearing red fruit, green Christmas wreaths with red cherries and a lot more. You'd find men dressed in red t-shirts, or have pocket squares of the color, some even go to the extent of having red colored men's underwear on them especially for the season. What do you have in red?

Glittery gold

Talking about the third most important color which is gold, it is a clear significance of royalty and giving. If legends are to be believed, the Magi who brought gold for baby Jesus wished him royalty. In addition, the color also represents warmth in the winter months that keep the warmth in hearts going for each other. You'll find a lot of decorations on the Christmas tree and as wall hangings in gold for the prosperity. With these colors defined well, you can leave us a comment as your review in the section below and check out what to do on Christmas here. See Also:

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