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Different Christmas celebrations Around the World- Part 2

Different Christmas celebrations Around the World- Part 2
In the last blog, we had focused on 6 countries and their Christmas traditions. It is indeed a big world with so many different countries and their own cultures as well as ways to celebrate different occasions. Talking about countries and their version of celebration, we'll be looking at the next set of countries in this blog.
In India: Christmas is celebrated in two different ways in the Northern and Southern parts of the country. Where people in the South decorate their homes with banana or mango leaves, people in the North decorate their homes with ornaments and hangings easily available in the market. The common aspect between both is the Star hanging outside the house signifying the star of Bethlehem. The churches have Poinsettia flowers and also floats are taken out on the roads to preach the good news. Christmas in IndiaIn Italy: The Nativity, which is the depiction of the manger and baby Jesus lying in the crib with shepherds, Mary and Joseph are popular in Italy. Apart from this, in Rome people fast for 24 hours and it comes to an end with a lavish feast. Also, the celebrations go on till the 6th of January (known as the Feast of the Epiphany) where gifts are exchanged. Kids wait for Le Befana who brings gifts for the good and the bad ones. Christmas in ItalyIn Sweden: More like Norwegian culture, in Sweden, the celebrations start from the first Advent. As in Norway, it is a tradition that boys dress up as star boys with long white shirts and the youngest daughter of the family would put on a white robe with a red sash and wears a crown of evergreens on the head with long, illuminated candles attached to it. It is her duty to wake up her parents with the other kids and prepare them for coffee and Lucia.Christmas in Sweden In Bethlehem: Talking about where it all started, Bethlehem showcases flags and decorations every Christmas. An annual procession is carried out and the visitors stand on the rooftops to be a part of the same. Every family makes a cross on their doors and also has a manger scene inside. A star is hanged in the village square to mark the place. Christmas in BethlehemWith these countries, we're sure you'd have a great Christmas with a lot of knowledge about the traditions of the other countries. Watch this place for more and if you are thinking about Christmas plans, click here.
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