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Different Christmas celebrations Around the World- Part 1

Christmas might the end of the holiday season but is surely the best of the best is saved for the last. The holy occasion that is celebrated around the world...

Different Christmas celebrations Around the World- Part 1Christmas might the end of the holiday season but is surely the best of the best is saved for the last. The holy occasion that is celebrated around the world as the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas has some traditions. What about those traditions? Well, did you know that Christmas is celebrated differently in the different parts of the world? That's exactly what we'll be talking about in this blog. You'll find the different celebrations in the different countries laid down in this blog. Find them out below.
In the USA: When you talk about Christmas, the USA is surely the place you must visit to see all the glittering lights, beautifully decorated Christmas trees and extravagant delicacies. The holiday is celebrated on both 25th and 26th December. On 25th the families attend church and get together for a lavish family supper together where they exchange gifts as well. However, the next day, they move out of their houses and exchange cards and gifts with relatives and friends. Christmas Celebration USA In Australia: Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia celebrates Christmas in the hot months. It is a customary or families prefer heading to the beaches with family and friends to spend the day setting up barbecues. What makes the celebration in Australia different from the USA and UK is the Adelaide Christmas Pageant. It is the largest parade in the world that happens on the first Saturday of November. Christmas Parade In Spain: Starting early on the 24th December, the celebrations in Spain go till the 6th of January and is called Navidad. Including the New Year as well, Santa Claus (called as Papa Noel) goes around distributing gifts to the young ones during this time. Santa ClausIn China: Being one a kind, China is a place where no religion is practiced as the official one. Very few people practice Christianity privately who attend the mass or the service in tourist destinations like Hong Kong and Macau. Gifts or cards are exchanged among them and that's all about Christmas in China. Christmas in ChinaIn Germany: If you'd visit Germany now, you'd find that the Christmas markets are located in the main squares of the popular cities. Starting the celebrations early, the Germans put up their Christmas tree on the 24th morning and by the evening, all the shops close in order to do the preparations at home. In addition, you'd find families decorating their houses with lights and ornaments to make it look beautiful. Christmas in GermanyIn the Philippines: Philippines follow a unique tradition of putting up Christmas Lanterns and are called as'paról'. These lanterns signify the star of Bethlehem, shaped in form of the same and are made of paper and bamboo. Christmas in PhilippinesThe world is full of their version if traditions and ways to celebrate different holidays. Christmas being the center and celebrated all over the world is one of the unique ones. Stay tuned for the next part of traditions and celebration by some more countries. Till then, you can check out how you are going to celebrate the day with these fun things to do here.
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