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Christmas 2016- What to do?

The other day, my daughter came up to me asked, "daddy, what are we going to do this Christmas?" The first thing that clicked in my head was that Christmas is quite far as of now and the next moment I realized that the festive season has already started. It won't be long when we'll be celebrating the birth of Jesus as we keep focusing on all the festivals lined up after Halloween 2016. As the years have passed, the traditions have seemed to change as the priorities have changed and it is no longer an affair about the actual meaning of the day. Christmas is celebrated honoring the birth of Jesus Christ approximately 2000 years ago. You might think that decorating the Christmas tree, singing carols and celebrating Santa Claus is what Christmas is all about. However, the meaning of the day is way deeper for the Christians than the others think. Falling on 25th December every year, the festival is a federal holiday all over the world. So, let's talk about what you must do to cherish the festivity of Christmas this year.

Decorate the Christmas tree

If you look back in the history, it was Prince Albert who brought the tradition of decorating the Christmas Tree or the Evergreen tree to England. Eventually, the custom was followed by the entire United States and thereafter, the rest of the world. So, take time and enjoy yourself by decorating your own Christmas tree with your loved ones.

Share gifts

Being one of the oldest traditions of Christmas, giving gifts is a must-do. Share your meal and send gifts to your near and dear ones on 25th. When you gift things to your loved ones, make sure you extend your reach to oppressed in order to bring a smile on their faces as well. There are many gifting options for that I talked about my blog on Thanksgiving if you haven't yet figured out what will you give, check it out here.

Play Christmas games

Games is an essential part of any celebration if you want your guests to enjoy their time at your place. Plan some games like cookie decoration, Christmas Charades, Secret Santa gift exchange game, Christmas quiz and much more are there which are equally exciting, fun and festive.

Watch the festive theme movie

There are many movies that have the theme intact and you can sit together like a big family and watch the movies together. Movies such as The Polar Express, A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause, A Christmas Carol (my favorite) and much more. Which is your favorite Christmas movie?

Don't forget the Christmas church service

Putting Christ in Christmas is what many people forget. For them, partying, dancing, watching movies and a day well spent with friends as well as family is what the day is all about. However, remember Christ on the day. It was his birth that we all celebrate. Dress in your best attires, from your men's underwear to your tuxedo or suit, have a smile on your face and give thanks to God. What's your idea of Christmas? Do let us know in the comments below. Liked This? You'll Like These Too:

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