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5 Bad Below the Belt Habits that People Need to Quit

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5 Bad Below the Belt Habits that People Need to Quit

Despite the change in taste and preference of men, below the belt article is one of the most underrated aspects of men's fashion. Most men still take it casually and consider it as a garment that just covers the genital. The fact is, your underwear is related to your personal hygiene as well as the health of the manhood. The right pair of underwear makes your life better and hence it requires special attention. Not just this, there are some bad underwear habits that are common in most men.

We have listed some of those below the belt habit that needs consideration. Have a look.

Untidy undies

It won't be wrong to state that modern men are very particular about their appearance and personality. Even though doing laundry is the greatest woe of men, they push themselves for the same. Whether you are in a corporate setup or you are on the verge of impressing a girl, the grooming is the most important aspect of all. This the reason why most men make it a point to wear clean clothes. However, the underneath article is still the most neglected part of the wardrobe. Do you think that no one notices your underwear and so washing it is a waste of time? You may need a reconsideration! This is not just a matter of good manners, but personal hygiene as well. Wearing untidy undies leads to crotch rot and other related issues such as rashes, itchiness, and others. Hence, it is important to get rid of this habit.

Wearing the same pair for long

Wearing the same pair for long Just like the shirt and trousers last for months and sometimes for years, even the underwear can be used for long. This is the biggest misconception when it comes to undergarments. The underneath article touches the most sensitive portion of the human body. This is scientifically proved that using the same pair of men's underwear leads to skin and health-related issues. The undergarment should be replaced with be replaced every 4-6 months. Not just this, you need to change the pair at least twice a day. Change into a fresh pair of underwear after workouts and when you return from work. Studies have even that wearing the untidy and conventional pair of undies is the biggest turn off in a relationship.

The baggy ones

The baggy ones The assets of man need special treatment just like the ladies. Why go for the baggy and ugly undies when you can raise you can sex appeal with the form-fitting styles? The loose fit fails to offer the much-required support to the manhood. This is the reason, why the traditional boxer shorts were replaced by the briefs and later boxer briefs for men. The snug fit style is one of the latest development in long boxers. The baggy undies do not keep the junk together which may lead to chafing and internal injuries. Are you still obsessed with the grandpa's undies? It is high time that your wardrobe needs a revamp.


What do look for in underwear? Comfort and breezy feel! What about support and hygiene? The need for ventilation down there is the reason why most men prefer going commando. This is not just indecent, but unhygienic at the same time. Free-balling is cozy and airy, but at the same, it makes your manhood prone to fungal and bacterial infection. Wearing a pair of underwear is medically recommended. However, allowing the manhood to relax in the air is also important. You can go commando at night while sleeping. When at work make sure that you wear something. The skimpy cuts of men's thong and bikinis for men are the perfect option to keep you cool day long. Avoid the crotch rot situation and go for the better alternative of free-balling such as sheer underwear and others.

Not choosing the right style

Will you go to a ball in a t-shirt and jeans or to a water park in tuxedos? The same goes true with the undergarment that you are wearing. The style of men's underwear should be according to the event and occasion. Every style has certain functionality and should be used accordingly. Wear the pair boxer briefs or jockstrap underwear for workouts, men's briefs for the hectic days at office and thongs for the romantic date night. Make sure that you are dressed from head to toe according to the event.

Are you accused of any such underwear habit? Share your views in the comment below.

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