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Brand New: Daddy Underwear Salon Jock

Brand New: Daddy Underwear Salon Jock

We have been continuously talking about the fresh wave of brand new men’s underwear styles that the fashionable and men’s sexy underwear brands have been introducing at Mensuas. Whether it is Secret Male underwear or Daniel Alexander, you would be delighted to find the most handsome and fashionable men’s underwear styles that the labels have been bringing forth. Daddy Underwear also has introduced its new collection of men’s hot underwear and you should definitely - and by definitely, we actually mean one of the hottest collections in the men’s underwear industry. After all, the name Daddy should serve its purpose and be the daddy for the underneath fashion. Jokes apart, if you take a look at the line of new brand men’s erotic underwear styles by the brand, you’d want them all.

For now, we’ll focus on the Daddy Salon jockstrap underwear for men in this blog. Well, I don’t how the brand thought of the name but the men’s jockstraps certainly provide a makeover to your underneath fashion. Just take a look at this new launch and you’d know what we’re talking about. With quite an unusual design, this men’s jocks feature coverage of male bikinis as well. In addition, the leg bands are also there to give jockstrap underwear for men a proper justice when it comes to the construction. Featuring a full coverage in the front as well as in the back with solid fabric, this designer underwear for men has elastic bands do hold up everything in the correct place.

Daddy Underwear DDE030 Salon Jock

The men’s jockstraps features three elastic bands out of which one serves as the waistband standing tall and holding everything in one place. The other two are the leg bands that are stitched from the front center of the waistband of the jocks for men and go all the way to the side of the pouch and going back as the edges of the boxer brief underwear - wrapping around the legs. The waistband features the brand name in bold.

Take a look at the features of the men’s jockstrap underwear by Daddy underwear below:

  • Men’s jockstrap underwear by Daddy underwear
  • Bikini underwear coverage with the support of men’s jocks
  • Unique leg bands design
  • Fabric composition: Polyamide and spandex


Daddy Underwear DDE030 Salon Jock in three different color

Navy, Red and White

Shop the sexy underwear for men here - Daddy Underwear DDE030 Salon Jock

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