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Brand New: Daddy Underwear Cowboy Up Jock

Brand New: Daddy Underwear Cowboy Up Jock

The brand new section of Mensuas has brought forth quite a lot of men’s underwear styles for you that go all the way from being traditional and supportive to sultry and sexy. With macho fashion underwear for men, you could also find men’s lingerie styles that are nothing like anything you’ve seen before. And, here we are with another brand new underwear for men that is erotic by looks and supportive by nature. The Daddy Underwear Cowboy Up Jock by the men’s sexy underwear brand has been by far one of the most powerful and strong numbers for men out there who feel strong within themselves.

Daddy Underwear is a brand that has worked hard to be where it is today. Being only a few years old in the men’s underwear industry, the label has become the daddy of many other old-school brands and has broken so many stereotypes for men. Daddy Underwear is the following enormous name in the underneath fashion business that highlights hot pieces for the cutting edge men. The brand may be another participant, yet the sex appeal offered by the brand resembles the pioneer names in the business.

Daddy Underwear DDE031 Cowboy Up Jock

This men’s jockstrap underwear is one of the finest options that you have for both fashion and functional purposes. In terms of design, you would find a sexy combination of sheer underwear for men and solid fabric panels that bring out the kink in you. The sheer panel of the men’s jocks shows off the penis in the best way possible while the sides are covered to hide things. The pouch underwear features contouring plus shaping fit for that bulge you’ve been looking for. The solid fabric goes around the legs to form the leg band on the men’s jockstraps for conventional support. The back features sexy but traditional jockstraps for men fit that shows off the butts for good.


Daddy Underwear DDE031 Cowboy Up Jock

Black, Royal Blue and White

Characteristic features of the men’s jockstrap underwear:

  • Exotic underwear for men by Daddy underwear
  • Men’s jockstrap underwear built to show off the masculinity
  • With solid fabric panels elsewhere, the sheer panel in the front center makes a perfect option for showing off what you’ve got.
  • The broad elastic waistband features a supportive fit with the brand name in the front.
  • A classic men’s jockstrap back with exposed butts
  • Fabric composition: polyamide and spandex


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