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What You Should Not Wear To Work?

As the weather keeps changing, it's only natural that your clothes start to become lighter to heavier. While you want to feel comfortable and light around the house or running errands, it may not be your best look for work. Just an incident that happened sometime back when I saw a guy wearing tight, white pants at work and people couldn't stop staring at what he was wearing as his men's underwear. I got a bit uncomfortable and was wondering how he must have been feeling with all the eye balls set the same place. He was not properly dressed for the work. Why? Because first of all, he completely undermined his credibility by making this choice and second, he was not doing anything to build the reputation of his employer by making this choice. It is very important to understand the code of conduct while dressing up for work. Instead of leaving you with a 'DO' and a 'DON'T' list, I wanted to share some tips. Because there are so many variables when it comes to style, these will guide you rather than dictate to you, what works best. But in the end, trust your own intuition. When in doubt, leave it out!

Do not reveal your men's fashion underwear style:

At work, no one really cares what style you're wearing underneath- men's briefs, men's thongs or men's bikini underwear. Revealing the designer underwear style is a big NO-NO. Wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in but there's no point singing about it. Remember- do not wear white apparel under clothes that might give a hint of it being there.

Choose the correct pair of footwear:

You must have heard the saying that, "by looking at the footwear, a person's personality can be unfolded". Hence, wearing casual flip flops are surely not the right options for workplace. Choose something with more structure and that has a polished look to finish off your professional image.

Personal grooming mistakes:

Personal grooming might sound little but includes the status of your nails, smell, hair and pairing up of clothes.
  • Nails:

Should not be wild, long, boldly colored and dirty. Trim them off- because men do have nails like women do.
  • Smell:

Neither smell so bad that people run away nor wear so much of perfume and hairspray that irritate people with sensitive noses. Keep it on the down low to create a harmonious workplace.
  • Hair:

Keep them well trimmed and looking professional. Keeping the same style you've had for 10 years, or even 3, may not be working for you. Reassess your image and keep your look up to date.
  • Pair up properly:

Pair up your designer underwear with proper clothes. Do not end up showing your men's boxer brief waistband to everyone at work. Make sure you team it well.

Overall image:

Your image and your company's image are inter-related and whatever you wear represents your company. Ensuring that it's one you're proud of and shows off your best assets will go a long way towards boosting your credibility and creating a polished look for your employer. It will help you to be known for all the right reasons, and may even lead you to a promotion! These were some of the tips that will help you dress better; form your personal men's underwear to your outer look. Mensuas is one of the leading online stores that offer every apparel style at affordable prices.

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2 thoughts on “What You Should Not Wear To Work?

  1. avatar Adom Gibson says:

    What bugs me the most among the things mentioned in the blog here is the dirty nails. Guys can seriously be very lazy and unhygienic in order to leave the nails as they are and people with dirty nails are the ones I cannot bear.

  2. avatar Daniel Martin says:

    These are the tips that every man knows but still are the most neglected ones. With this I remember a guy at my office who came in slippers with nasty, dirty long toe nails. Though my boss was quite lenient and overlooked his attitude, other collegues at work would not prefer to talk to him. Eventually he realised his mistake. This blog yet again reminds me of how should I dress up for work.

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