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Valentine Day Gift Idea 2 A Red String Tanga From Olaf Benz

Previously we discussed upon Valentine Day Gift Idea 1 A Red Sail Swim Bikini From Pistol Pete that was an excellent swimsuit for the beach.

Now let's have a look upon Red String Tanga From Olaf Benz- Valentine Day Gift Idea 1 A Red String Tanga From Olaf Benz | Men's Underwear | Mensuas

Red String Tanga From Olaf Benz

Olaf Benz String Tanga is a classic thong in men's underwear that never goes out of style. Olaf Benz is quality underwear that looks great and feels sexy.

Creamy fabric, dreamy silhouettes...Olaf Benz combines the utmost in lust & luxury in their meticulously masculine collections. Luscious microfiber is a touch transparent & snugly hugs your every contour without restricting.

Sumptuous 'n' stringy thong

Designer Features: Rubber raindrop Olaf Benz logo on left of pouch

Pouch: Single-ply, extremely contoured with center support seam

Waistband: Two 3/8-inch-wide straps of plush elastic

Thong: 3-1/2-inches wide comfort panel with 3/8-inch-wide thong extending down & under

Side Seam: Adjust the placement of side-straps for different silhouettes

Fabric Content: 68% polyamide, 32% Elastane; fast-drying, slightly transparent, supremely soft.

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