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Top 10 Hot & Sexy Men's Underwear of 2022

You guys have been renewing your wardrobe time and again with new men’s underwear. But there are a few undies that stay with you and never leave your mind. The year 2022 has been great for the men's underwear industry, and people have enjoyed every occasion and party by wearing different styles of men's underwear

Many of you might have tried variety of men's underwear styles, whether it's a men's g-strings, men's jockstraps, men's bikinis, men's thongs, etc. Now is the time to narrow down your perfect fit for this year. We have listed down the "Top 10 Hot and Sexy Men's Underwear".

Top 10 Sexy Men’s Underwear Of 2022

1. Daniel Alexander Purple Leopard Bikini 

Daniel Alexander brand has designed this sexy bikini with stretchy-cotton lightweight fabric that does not give lining to the skin and fits perfectly after you wear it.

Daniel Alexander DAI077 Purple Leopard Bikini

This moisture-wicking men’s bikini is made up of low-rise cuts and gives you chance to show your body muscles and thigh cuts. It helps you to wear it in summer and for daily comfy jobs as well.

2. Secret Male Bodystocking

This bodystocking by Secret Male gives you an exotic and sissy feel after you wear it. The bodystocking is the best choice that also give a feminine look and good fit for any occasion or party wear.

Secret Male SMC003 Bodystocking

The clothing's see-through sheer fabric design covers your back and legs while leaving your underneath area exposed with an enhancing bikini pouch on the front and your cheeks exposed.

Secret Male Bodystocking is a sensual costume that allows you to be a better performer during intimacy with your partner. So, chin up and wear it proudly!


3. Good Devil See-Through Jockstrap

Good Devil see-through jockstrap is made up of mesh fabric which is stretchable and attached with 2 elastic bands.

These two elastic bands go around the buttocks and give a sexier shape like cupcakes and lift up to hold them in one place.

Good Devil GDE025 Jockstrap

These two bands and the mesh fabric covering the package are held up by a thick elastic waistband which is wrinkle-free and long-lasting. Wear it while going running, gym, or for a workout.

4. Daddy Open Back Supportive Jockstrap

Daddy open back supportive jockstrap is made of stretchable cotton and has two elastic bands that cover the underneath area. These elastic bands support the two cheeks behind and adhere to the pouch cover to create a perfect shape and flexibility.

This jockstrap is right choice for doing any sports activities or while working out that give you a perfect fit and comfort which stretching.

Daddy DDE001 Jockstrap

However, the thick waistband on the hip is holding up the two bands and enhances the cotton pouch to give a stylish and sexy look wherever you go. This might be one of your favorite men’s underwear styles after you wear it.

5. Pistol Pete Just The Tip Thong

Thin elastic waistband of the Pistol Pete tip thong on the hip carries the minimal polyester fabric that goes between the bums and creates a T-cut on the back of the underwear.

 You can also wear this thong during any occasions like wedding night, anniversary, honeymoon, etc.

Pistol Pete PPK003 Just the tip Thong


Due to that, the manhood gets a beautiful, enhancing pouch shape on the front and provides a suitable gap between the package and thong underwear. This gap makes your package breathable and keeps your men’s underwear cool and dry all day.

6. Intymen Ocean Bikini

Ocean bikini by Intymen is made of polyester and looks like skinny from the front. However, it provides a good amount of coverage from the back.

Intymen INI024 Oceans Bikini

This sexy pair of male ocean bikini underwear allows you to embrace your toned thighs, abs, and body muscles. The skin-tight and stretchy fabric creates an enhancing bulge on the front, enhancing your sexiness and hotness. 

7. Agacio Bulge Pouch Bikini

Agacio pouch bikini is designed with silky-smooth fabric on the front and back, leaving the two sides exposed for an erotic and stylish look.

Thick elastic waistband on the hip helps to lift up the cheeks to highlight them under the pants, and the black piping on both sides spices up the style to make it look attractive.

Agacio AGI004 Bikini

The front has an improved pouch shape and a gap between the underneath area and the package to allow airflow in your men’s underwear.

8. Daniel Alexander Men’s Wave Bikini

Daniel Alexander men’s wave bikini fabric is silky-smooth and stretchy, with a firm fit to the body.

Daniel Alexander DAI080 Men's Wave Bikini

However, the fabric used for this is minimal and goes between the cheeks to make a V-shape on the back and gets attached to the thin elastic waistband on the hip.

The waistband is attached to the front part, creating a bulge to pop up the manhood under the pants and leaving the thighs toned on both sides to flaunt after you wear them.

9. Cover Male Slip Thong

Cover Male slip thong is designed in such a way that it wants you to look like an exotic guy.

Cover Male CMK019 Slip Thong

As the silky polyester fabric creases around the enhancing pouch and covers more than thong underwear while allowing your cheeks to show.

The thick, wrinkle-free elastic waistband on the hip is printed with the brand name and lends the jeans an exotic appearance when worn. Chin up and get the feel of this men’s exotic underwear.

10. Cover Male Cup Bikini

Cover Male cup bikini with double stitching is made of silky-smooth polyester stretchable fabric. The fabric gives a good amount of coverage to the back and lifts up the buttocks to get attached by making a cup pop on the front.

Cover Male CMI041 Cup Bikini

The thick piping adds crispness to the bikini underwear, giving you a sexy look while spending time with your partner. 

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