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The Advantages Of Men's Boxer Shorts

Men's boxer shorts are the comfortable pair of men's underwear that is loved by majority of the population for its roominess and baggy feeling. This style of undergarment can be worn under loose pants or shorts. Men's boxer short underwear are widely available in the modest vibrant colors (solids), prints and patterns at Mensuas. Let's look at some of the advantages that make it so popular among men.


Comfort is the most important aspect for which the fashion underwear is too popular. The construction of the underwear is made to keep it more airy and breathable down there in comparison to the other styles with constricted structures. Though one might not want to wear them while on the run; for an everyday wear, they are perfect. Talking about them while on the run, there are many brands that have altered the design a bit to meet that perspective too. When worn in conjunction with loose fitting pants or shorts, these do allow for cooling airflow on a hot day. A lightweight pair of boxer shorts can make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Considered as Sleepwear:

Men's Boxer Shorts are so comfortable that they are preferred over briefs as a sleepwear. Boxer shorts with a front closure are more socially acceptable as sleepwear than briefs. Practically it is better to be seen in boxers rather than briefs because coverage matters a lot. This provides for a more modest silhouette that doesn't show every last curve and detail. The versatile sexy underwear has a practical aspect too. The lesser you change from your daily wear to nightwear, the lesser laundry you have.

Patterns and Prints:

Boxer shorts at Mensuas are available in solids, prints, stripes and many more designs to match any personality and taste. If you're looking for a pair that is extremely loose and comfortable with high cuts on the sides, Cover Male boxer shorts are the most popular for their roomy construction and delightful colors. Other brands like Agacio, Uzzi, Daniel Alexander offer some unique aspects that appeal to the modern men.


Traditional boxer shorts were made of cotton or some classic fabrics. With the emergence of technology, materials like polyester, bamboo, treated cotton, and other microfibers are used with an amount of spandex to keep it flexible down there. The modern technology allows men to choose fabrics that they are comfortable with. So, one can choose according to the climate as well as the skin type.


You must have heard a lot of researches stating that men's brief underwear should not be worn on a regular basis. They cause a visible decrease in sperm count. It is suggested that one should give a balanced environment to the privates. Stopping to wear briefs is not the solution here, what the point is that the privates should get support of the briefs as well as comfort of boxer briefs. Which of the above factors do you think is not applicable practically or which of them do you relate to the most? Do tell us in the comments section. For now, you can check out the inventory here. More Stories:

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