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Men's Underwear- What Does Your Style Say About You?

So, what does your men's underwear reveal about your personality? Have you ever thought about this question before? With more than 6 styles of men's fashion underwear and hundreds of...

So, what does your men's underwear reveal about your personality? Have you ever thought about this question before? With more than 6 styles of men's fashion underwear and hundreds of brands offering them; it is necessary to understand the accordance of a particular style and your personality. This blog focuses on the various kinds of men's apparels and what do they say about your personality. Men's underwear has emerged as a passion for the modern generation males which is quite visible with the changing trends, newer colors, designs and fabrics being introduced in the market. Let us look at the various styles and what they say about your personality.


Starting from the conventional style, men's brief underwear is the most widely worn men's apparel. One thing that makes the style so popular is the snug fit with a lot of fabric all around the assets. This men's designer underwear style is for guys who like to stick to what they have and are love with a lot of fabric-- on the front and rear. They do not like to experiment until it is required and are happy with what they've been brought up with.


Boxers are the loose, comfortable and free feeling provider. Their spacious design is what makes them so wanted among the male population. The guy who wears boxers is the guy who is laid back, a little lazy because he feels too comfortable to get up and do the assigned job; very friendly and has an old heart.

Boxer Briefs:

Eventually followed men's boxer briefs that were introduced for a better coverage on the legs and for more comfort than briefs provided. Providing the best of both worlds (briefs and boxers), this style is for guys who work hard and play harder. Meant for sporty guys who seek fabric, comfort and support in equal chunks deserve boxer briefs as well as knows the art of keeping everything together. In other words, he knows what women want.


More appealing than the ordinary briefs, men's bikini underwear are revealing, sexy and parallel amount of support. In terms of coverage, it hides the most but leaves enough for tease and tempt. This is perfect for guys with equal portion of everything- sex appeal, classiness, masculinity as well as dependability.


A step ahead of boxer briefs, men's jockstrap underwear is meant for rigorous sports such as soccer, football, rugby and more or workouts that expect more from you. This enhancing style is clear representative of a person who puts hard work before anything and yet has space for style.


Many men still consider men's thong underwear as next to wearing nothing (which is actually true), but there are products in this category that is equally supportive. However, male thongs are gaining popularity all over the world and are even being appreciated by the new wearers. Guys who wear thongs are considered to be a show off. This is because of the fact that the skimpy style is revealing and puts the entire for exposure.


the newest entry in the men's exotic underwear category, men's c-string underwear is self-supportive and sexy. The no-waistband apparel tells a lot about your personality except the fact that you're free person. Guys who fall for this are freedom lovers, independent and wear tight clothes. These are styles that convey something about your personality. If they correlate with your personality; do leave us a comment in the box below and for the various styles, checkout Read Also:
2 comments on Men's Underwear- What Does Your Style Say About You?
  • Josiah Gomez
    Josiah GomezMarch 02, 2016

    I partially agree to what was mentioned for my personality in the blog. The funny part is that I wear Jockstraps but I am lazy. In fact, thong section describes me in a better way than the jocks.

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin ThomasFebruary 26, 2016

    Whoa! I was just flipping the blog section of Mensuas and stopped at this and this blog made me laugh out loud. I am more of a brief and boxer brief person who keeps switching between this style. Though I am not a very sporty person, but everything apart from this is correctly mentioned in the blog. I love to keep things as they are but I know when to switch the style. Thanks for making me meet myself John.

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