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Men's underwear habits and their secrets

Men's underwear habits and their secrets
Has the time come when men's underwear is not just a necessity for the right support and comfort down there? Or, has it become more of an expression that every man loves to show off like their outfits? The underneath fashion still somewhere in the middle and looking forward to being the one thing that men are not shy to show off.
Well, we did a survey to figure out the fashion underwear habits of the men and got to answer them the reasons why do they actually fall for the same. Why don't you take a look at them below?

Why don't men change their skivvies more frequently?

We gave out the survey that had the first question as to when do you plan to shop for new underwear. The options given below were- every month, every two months, every six months and more than that. The majority of men opted for more than 6 months, which clearly mentioned that either they love their sexy underwear styles or they're too lazy to get rid of them. The following questions helped in filtering the result that the larger number of men took more than a year to let go of their last pair of tighty whiteys or even the sensuous see-through thongs. Buy more sheer underwear here.

 Do men have a lucky pair of fashion underwear?

Men's Underwear | MensuasWell, just like a favorite shirt or a t-shirt, every man has a specific pair of designer underwear that they generally look up to when they have a big day coming up where losing is not the option. 46% of the men who took the survey claimed that they have that single pair which is kept only for the limited days where they wanted nothing but the best. Whether it is an important interview, romantic evening (that stretches longer), party and more; men do have something very special for these.

Do they wear the same pair for every occasion?

I was quite dicey about the results for this answer because I have seen and experienced that men wear anything and everything for every occasion. For example, I had an uncle who was definitely not an underwear fanatic and believed that everything should stay together inside the pants and nothing else matters. However, the times have changed and so have the trends. There are about 67% of men who wear jockstraps for sports, thongs as well as g-strings for date nights, boxer briefs for a workout and briefs for every day. Men have also evolved in terms of switching a style to some other occasion for a different feeling.

So, which one of these habits do you see yourself in? Do let us know in the comments below and keep shopping at the men's underwear store.

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3 thoughts on “Men's underwear habits and their secrets

  1. avatar albert says:

    i like to change in underwear its very importent here i have great chose en at any price

    love that

  2. avatar Albert Jones says:

    Other points matches my personality but I don’t have any lucky underwear. Actually, I don’t believe in lucky charms. However, most of my friends do have oe pair of undergarment that they prefer wearing in meeting and interviews. Though, I don’t understand the reason, I think it’s a very common habit in men.

  3. avatar Christene Luther says:

    I thought only I was the one doing these thing but after reading the blog I think all men are the same. I actually change my skivies in 6-7 months, sometimes even more and I do have a favorit pair of undergarment that I prefer wearing on some occasions.

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