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How to maintain men’s mesh underwear

If you wish to be treated right then you have to treat right. This should be the motto for every institution and organization. But we are here to talk about men’s designer underwear so again if you wish to be treated right by your underwear then you have to treat them right. It is not just about throwing them into the washing machine and completing your task, it is more than that. You can treat them right by following some of our instructions.

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Wash them separately

There is a reason your male underwears are also called delicates. So do a favor on your delicates and give them their space by washing them separately. Make a separate wash for all your men’s underwear.

There are times when a machine can be harsh on all your clothes and give them a hard time. Washing them separately would help them to be cleaned to the most extent without any loss.

Use specific detergent for a specific purpose

There are many categories of men’s underwear. In a category, you get some more variations with the fabric and its stuff. To keep your delicates healthy use specific detergents for different issues. For example, if you wish to remove a stain then get a stain remover, just throwing your stained underwear in a washing machine will not get your stained removed.

Similarly, if you wish to clean your designer men’s underwear that is built with a silk fabric then use a detergent specifically for the purpose such as “delicate wash” and many others.

Add a habit of using a lingerie bag

A lingerie bag is a zip bag with a net-like mesh. Its function is to help your delicate designer men’s underwear to keep them together. That comes handy when you throw all your week's lot together. This bag prevents them from mixing with the other fabric that may result in damaging your men’s underwear. Its mesh-like fabric allows the flow of water and detergent with ease and as a result, you get fresh, damage-free underwear.

Keep them dry

Keeping your designer men’s mesh underwear dry at all times stop your issue of growing a fungus on the fabric at the initial stage. We all are aware of the fact that the men’s underwear’s fabric grows some fungus because of your sweat that may result in fungal infection on your assets and region around them. To be saved from the issue you should keep your underwear dry at all times. After you wash your designer men’s underwear keep them dry by hanging them, this would give them the space to expand and the air so that water vapors are released from the fabric. Do not forget to store them dry because if you won’t you might get a wet pair when you need one.

washing technique


Cold Water or Hot Water

There are times when one gets confused about whether to use hot water or cold water for washing their designer men’s  sexy underwear. It is not that hard. Firstly, you are advised to check the tag on your fabric that would say about the cloth and sometimes suggest you wash it with hot or cold. If that is not the matter then use hot water for dirty clothes because hot water helps you to remove the stains easily and also helps you remove the germs on the cloth. It is advised to use cold water when dealing with dark or bright colored fabrics. Cold Water also saves a ton on your energy consumption so if you wish to save some on electricity then use cold water.

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We all can get cranky sometimes and to make it less we all need a healthy and fresh pair of underwear. Following these few instructions will increase the life and performance of your men’s designer underwear and help you a lot.



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